What is a Gravatar Image in WordPress?

What is a Gravatar Image in WordPress Blog? It is an image file that is used as the background of your blog pages. It is also known as a thumbnail in case you are using a free service to host your blog. If you have paid a hosting provider to host your blog, you can upload your own images instead of using a default or thumbnail image file. But you need to know how to make it work with WordPress Blogs first.

To use a gravatar image, login to your WordPress blog and click on ‘Appearance’ at the top of the page. Then click on ‘Gravatar’. You will see a box asking if you want to upload an image. Click on ‘Yes’ to upload your avatar image. Your gravatar image should now appear on your blog.

This might take a few minutes for your gravatar image to appear on your blog however it will be there until your next update when WordPress updates your images automatically. So there is no reason to worry about an image not appearing the next day or the next time you update your post. It will show up immediately as soon as you save your post. It is so easy to customize the background of your blog posts.

Some people ask about where they can find a website that offers this service for free. There are actually quite a few sites available to download images from and some of them are better than others. One way I have found a reliable source for free avatars is via a blog called ‘WordPress Gurl’. They allow you to create a free account and upload your own personal photos and avatars.

To use their service, you need to log in to your WordPress blog and then go to’Appearance’ on the left hand side of the page. Once you have clicked on ‘Panel Setup’, click on the link for ‘Gravatar Image’. You will see a screen prompting you to select a picture to use as a gravatar. Select the default option and click on the button that says upload picture.

Your gravatar image will then appear below the standard comments and content on your blog. Each time you make a post, WordPress will change the default settings for the gravatar. To update your default settings just click on the edit button for your gravatar image. On the first page of the screen you will see a choice of different faces. Click on one of the choices and a new screen will open up.

Click on the edit link to edit the face you want to use as a gravatar. You can add a new image if you like but it is best to use one that you have used before. Type your message and then save your post. Your gravatars will now appear at the top of every post that you make on your blog. Every time someone makes a comment on that post, they will see your gravatar image. You can use as many avatars as you want.

How do you add more of them? By using one of the many themes available in the ‘apse WordPress Plugin’ which also lets you create your own avatars. This allows you to change the image and even its location whenever you want. If you need a customised theme for your blog, there are even free WordPress templates to choose from which can be applied to any blog.

The only problem with this plugin is that it does not allow you to edit the width or height of your avatars. You can only change the position and the size. It would be possible, though if you created your own avatars using Photoshop or any graphics program. You can place a photo of your choosing onto a stock photo agency website. Then save that as a gravatar image and place it onto your blog.

When your gravatar image changes its location, everyone who sees it will see your new location. This way you can update the post without having to individually edit the HTML code. What is a gravatar in WordPress is also useful for encouraging comments and getting feedback. Imagine the reaction of your readers if they see an attractive avatar that was created by one of your readers. They would definitely let you know about it.

As a conclusion, creating your very own avatars in WordPress blog is a great way to show off your personality. But make sure you have given enough time to make the image look good on your blog. Remember that once you start using this WordPress plugin, you need to give it a few days for the gravatars to be loaded properly on your blog. If you use this plugin correctly, you will be able to attract a lot of attention to your blog posts and eventually your blogs will become hugely popular among internet users.

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