Two Web Hosting Services – Cloudlands Vs NeXcess Vs WordPress Powered

Nexcess Vs Cloudways: How To Choose Between Them? The debate between Nexcess and Cloudlands has been in vogue since the beginning of cloud computing. Both are renowned providers of web hosting services but which one do you choose? Well, here we have done the comparative analysis between Cloudways and Nexcess and narrowed down the field to the best one. Read On!

Let us begin the comparison with a quick look at the key differences between Nexcess and Cloudways. The major difference is in the level of management provided by these two hosting services. Cloudways is a highly scalable managed cloud web hosting services providing excellent load testing and application reliability coupled with unparalleled speed. This is why it has emerged as a preferred choice for small to medium-sized companies looking to improve their business performance. The company offers a hassle free hosting service with unparalleled performance and unparalleled reliability to fast growing online organizations and small or mid-sized enterprises.

Cloudlands on the other hand, is the industry leader in managed web hosting solutions. It is an ideal choice for companies that require a high degree of customization coupled with superior performance and scalability. The biggest advantage of Cloudlands over Nexcess is the flexibility offered by its managed services. Users are allowed full access to the tools and features offered by the cloud infrastructure without needing to deploy any software on their own. The biggest disadvantage of cloudland’s platform is that it may not be able to handle larger workloads efficiently than the more flexible excess hosting platform.

In this article we compare and contrast both open source solution’s, Nexcess and Cloudlands, to identify which one has the clear winner. We will start with the comparisons of features and availability. Both services offer the following tools to end users: admin panels, database management, static files & pages, forms, RSS feeds, polls, forums, unlimited options for custom development, MySQL databases, FTP, Java and JSP serving technologies. They also offer the following functionalities: shopping carts, shopping feed integration, blog support, CMS, one-click website creation, integrated email and contact management. The only difference is the extent of these functionalities offered by each one of these amazing services is different.

One major difference is in the level of support offered by each company. As far as technical support is concerned, it is pretty much the same between these two amazing solutions. The only notable difference is in the level of feature and functionalities that support are extended to the end users.

The first comparison is in terms of easy application development and set up from scratch. Even though both companies offer easy application development options for their clients, Cloudways have an edge in this area. Easy WordPress installation is one of the reasons why Nexcess are perceived as easier to use platform for WordPress. However, most of the web hosting reviews do not give credit to Nexcess for easy installation. Most people find it difficult to manually install WordPress on a new or existing site, even if they had prior experience with easy WordPress installation.

In the area of database management, both companies offer good options. Cloudlands provides a complete solution for all database requirements, which includes an admin panel, back office services, mailing solutions, CRM interface, mobile application development and more. Both Cloudlands and Nexcess have good options for uploading and downloading content from the web. In terms of forms, both services provide excellent solutions. The only difference is that in case of Nexcess, the client has to pay for the extra features. Most of the Cloudlands reviews do not take this into account.

With respect to load times, both cloud services boast of reasonable levels of connectivity. Nexcess was the fastest in the testing period with both sites finishing within the same amount of time. The test results clearly show a clear winner in the comparison of two very popular web hosting services, Cloudlands Vs NeXcess Vs WordPress Powered. The next blog in this series will look at the reliability aspects of these two systems.

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