PayPal Used in Zambia – How Does It Work?

The use of PayPal for online transactions is quite common nowadays, especially with the increase in online businesses and the increase in online users, but there is a certain country that makes use of this service the most – Zambia. According to an article on Business Daily Africa, more than half of all transactions that took place during the month of December went through PayPal, which indicates that more Zambians have now taken advantage of the payment options it offers to people who want to send money online. With this increase in popularity, more businesses are setting up shop online and Zambian buyers are taking advantage of the services these sellers offer by using PayPal. This means that more people will be able to take advantage of online services such as PayPal without having to pay higher transaction fees and the government has even taken measures to make sure that all charges are transparent and should not be abused.

According to an article published by CEDA News, a Zambian business, courier company, used PayPal to send shipments to customers all over the world and this helped in increasing revenues. The increased revenues were achieved by increasing volume, cutting down on the cost and increasing the number of customers who purchase from this courier company. One of the reasons for this is that PayPal was used as a mode of payment for the major purchases made by the company’s customers.

Although this was a one-time payment, this approach proved very helpful to the company and it is evident that any other country which uses PayPal to facilitate online transactions should also follow similar steps. Zambia is doing just that, and there is every chance that other governments in this region will follow suit. It is time for every nation to realize the importance of using this method of payment and make use of this resource so that more citizens benefit from it.

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