I am a programmer and a web designer, learning MetaQuotes Language 4 and 5 was easy and straightforward since I already had programming knowledge from other programming languages and frameworks.


I am now freelancing on everything related to MT4 and MT5. Both indicators and expert advisors.

My Services, pricing, and duration:


If you have a strategy and you would like it to be turned into an indicator or any technical analysis or price action, then this is for you. The cost is between $60 and $150 depending on how complex it is.


If you would like to convert an indicator into an expert advisor or from scratch or your own strategy, then this is for you. The cost for this will be between $100 and $300 depending on how complex your strategy is.

3 Automate signals from Metatrader to Telegram

If you do share signals, am sure you have noticed that it is time consuming to copy and paste. But you can now automate this, I can automate sending trading signals directly from your MT4/MT5 EA. The cost is only $30

It can send;

-Entry signals

-Exit signals

-SL and TP alerts

4 Licensing

If you have created a profitable indicator or expert advisor and you would like to resell, you might want to add a license feature where people have to enter a license code for it to work. I can add this feature to both indicators and expert advisors and both for mt4 and mt5. I can add license code feature, add expiry date and add account limitation. The cost for this $90

5 Convert MT4 indicators and expert advisors to Mt5 and vice versa

If you have an indicator or expert advisor that only works for mt5 or mt4 and would like it to work on MT4 or MT5, I can convert for you. Please note that, I do not crack, and you should have source code of the file. The cost is $100 for indicators and $200 for expert advisors.

How to contact me

You can contact me via email or on Telegram @keithzm

Keith Rainz

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Along Kafue Road, Chilanga, Lusaka Zambia.

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