LearnWorlds Vs Teachable: How Teachable Can Improve Your Online Course Platform

LearnWorlds and Teachable both are great in many aspects and have very different specialties, which can hook you up with exactly what you are looking for. Both of them offer almost the same basic features like video and audio streaming, embedding units, student chat, and lots more. But there’s been similarities after looking at the LearnWorlds Review: both sites offer excellent customer support and a free trial period. They both have fairly large databases with lots of courses from various disciplines, and both sites have great “learn it on the fly” instructional videos for you to watch. Finally, both sites offer a number of social media outlets which allow users to discuss their courses on the Learnosphere forums, giving you an even larger pool of resources.

What’s different between the two? For starters, LearnWorlds has a much bigger learning center than Teachable. The biggest difference between the two comes in the form of video instruction. The platform has around one-hundred and twenty video instruction videos for you to choose from. There are also chat sessions with experts and other customers. In addition, the site also offers a blog, an FAQ section, an online forum, an Ask Me tab where customers can ask questions, and even a community forum.

Teachable on the other hand offers only eighty lessons and seven video tutorials. The site allows users to create a free account which lets them do much more than creating a profile. Once you’ve created your account, you can then join the community, search for other members, and get involved in various activities. Unlike the platform, which allows users to use up-to-date custom domains, Teachable uses the Learnosphere name servers. This means that your messages, website URL, blog URL, and contact information are always private.

What is the difference between the two courses that I mentioned earlier? Basically, in addition to having more than one lesson, each course has a free “Welcome Screen” that allows users to register and login. The Learnosphere welcome screen is the same as that of Teachable, while the Teachable welcome screen has a custom code that prevents other people from registering or taking the quizzes. On the LearnSphere website, there is a” Join Community” button right next to the” Register Now” button. However, on Teachable, the invite button is located on the upper right corner of the page.

Furthermore, when it comes to course creation and quizzes, the similarities between the two stop there. Teachable lets users create a variety of engaging content, while Learnosphere encourages its users to submit their own quizzes, and lessons. As for course creation, the differences between the two stop there as well.

The biggest difference between LearnSphere and Teachable lies in the way that they encourage course creation and interactive videos. On LearnSphere, users are encouraged to create a number of short quizzes in order to practice and develop their skills, while on Teachable, users can access lesson creation tools and interact with other students to share their works and experiences. Moreover, unlike with traditional tutoring methods, when one views a quiz on LearnSphere, he or she can click on “Help” to get additional help, while on Teachable, a student can only click on the quiz to receive help. In other words, with the help tab accessible on LearnSphere, a student can be assisted through interactive video clips, while Teachable requires that a student first complete the course content before viewing a video.

What about the level of support that each of these two online course platforms offer? It has been found that both LearnWorlds and Teachable offer students the opportunity to receive course completion certificates right after completing their quizzes. However, this support is much more robust on Teachable than on LearnWorlds. This is likely because LearnWorlds provides students with the opportunity to obtain a course completion certificate while Teachable offers a similar option without the added pressure on course completion.

So which one should you choose? Of course, the most important factor that you should consider when choosing an online course platform for your teaching needs is whether it offers you the ability to incorporate a number of different support mechanisms and integrate them with your classroom management software. All said, if you find a reliable, trustworthy course creation tool with a free trial period, you can certainly consider using Teachable as your platform of choice. With the Learnosphere and the Teachable integrations, you just have to decide which one will best serve your teaching needs.

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