Here are my current jobs.

JOB 1: Personal Assistant

Hiring a personal assistant has become a necessity for me due to the overwhelming amount of content I’ve generated over the years. With over 2000+ articles and 1000+ videos on my blogs and YouTube channels, it has become clear that merely creating more awesome good and educative content isn’t a good idea anymore.

Despite my hard work, the majority of my videos have garnered views ranging from 50 to 1000, which is very discouraging. I am now recognizing the need for a shift in my approach, I’ve decided to focus on creating value-packed courses and continually enhancing them for my paying subscribers. This is where a personal assistant would be invaluable. His or her primary role would be to breathe new life into my older posts and videos by resharing them on social media platforms like Facebook and Telegram, ensuring that my existing content reaches a wider audience and keeps my subscribers engaged.

Managing this substantial archive of content single-handedly has become increasingly daunting, and I realize that I could be missing out on opportunities to connect with my audience. A personal assistant would not only alleviate the burden of reposting and managing the content but also free up my time to concentrate on creating high-quality courses and fresh content for my paying subscribers. This strategic shift will not only maximize the value of my existing work but also enhance my online presence, making my platforms more attractive to potential subscribers. In essence, a personal assistant will play a pivotal role in streamlining my content strategy, helping me focus on what truly matters – delivering valuable content and growing my audience in a meaningful way.

Who is suitable for this?

I need someone who does not only specialize in one thing, but in many areas about making money online because at times, you may be required to respond to questions on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube comments. I am seeking a dedicated Personal Assistant who possesses a unique blend of skills in forex trading, blogging, YouTubing, social media management, cryptocurrencies, and understands the intricacies of making money in Zambia. This role is at the heart of my mission to optimize content creation, engage with my audience, and explore diverse income avenues.


  • Must have a computer (Desktop/Laptop)
  • Must have a smartphone
  • Must be able to afford Internet bundles on his/her own.
  • Willing to learn more.

Advantages of being my personal assistant

  • You will not only earn an income but learn everything I do and hopefully run your own business in the future.
  • You will be mentored & Tutored by someone who really makes money online.
  • You will work from anywhere at any time and when ever you want, but I want someone serious.

How much is the pay?

How much you will be getting paid will depend on what you know and can do. If you know and can do the above that’s okay, if you possess more skills such as graphic designing, coding, video editing and so on, will be an advantage and means more pay, good performance, more pay too. You need to remember why you want to be my personal assistant, your focus should not be just to make money for yourself but to help my business, in the process, you gain knowledge and experience that you will use for your business.

How to apply

Forget about the formal stuff and all that stuff of writing CV’s and Resumes which are all fake. Just inbox me on WhatsApp, tell me what you know, what you can do and share links to support your claims. Lastly, value yourself, tell me how much you would like to be paid for your services.

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