Is PayPal Supported In Zambia?

Zambia is a country located in Southern Africa, near the border with Namibia and Zimbabwe. Like many countries around the world, PayPal is not yet available in Zambia to be able to withdraw, you can only send out payments, but they are starting to add this feature slowly so it will be more readily available in the future. Currently, the only way to get a payment from your visitors using PayPal is to have a website with a shopping cart, and you will need a special kind of hosting that is designed for this purpose. However, there are a number of companies that offer a hosted PayPal option which can greatly reduce your costs when starting a business online in this country.

One of these companies, Easy Options, offers a hosted PayPal option for all their websites, and they do have high quality web hosting for this purpose. The way this works is that when you visit their website you will see a shopping cart on their main page, and once you insert your credit or debit card details you will be redirected to their secure gateway which will then secure the payment for you. From there you can then enjoy your site, with features such as a contact us button and built in SEO options for fast and easy indexing by search engines. You are also offered a lifetime account with a one-year restricted free trial period.

If you are based in Zambia then you can set up an account with Easy Options immediately by completing the simple forms on their home page. You will then be directed to the main page and given options for choosing your country/ continent and payment methods such as PayPal. Once you have selected your preferred method of payment, just login to your account, create your first shopping cart and you are ready to go. Easy Options has an extensive variety of products for all types of businesses, so whether you have a restaurant or you are just starting out with your own online business, they have something for you. So even if you can’t get PayPal to work in Zambia at the moment, you will definitely be able to use this service to make it possible for your clients to pay you.

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