How to Make Money Using My Phone in South Africa

In this article I’m going to talk about how to make money using my phone in South Africa. Most of the people over there use their mobile phones as a medium for calling others and they do make a lot of money from it. So let’s start with the most common question first; How can you make money using your phone in South Africa? That’s a very easy question to answer, well for starters you need to have a cell phone.

Now if you don’t have one of these then you need to get one. It’s easier said than done and you need to look around for a cheap one. You can get one at any retail store in the country (although I recommend that you buy them online because you get more options and you’ll get better deals) and you can also use your credit card to buy it. You can also find a lot of companies on the internet that offer cell phone plans so you can easily sign up and transfer your number from another company to your own. The only thing is that some people have had problems with transferring their numbers in the past because there are companies out there that weren’t very good at it and were only after gaining profit rather than helping people out.

Once you have your own mobile number, you’re set to go. There are a lot of companies that allow you to use their network and sign up to make money using your phone in South Africa. Most of the time you’ll only be charged a low monthly fee for unlimited use of your cell phone. But they also give you free minutes in most cases. You also get unlimited text messages, which is nice so you won’t run out of fresh messages to read.

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