GreenGeeks Hosting Review – How A Site Migrate To A GreenGeeks Server

If you are searching for a hosting provider that has a good track record of providing reliable and high quality servers but also manages to keep its costs low, then the GreenGeeks might be just what you’re looking for. The website promises to provide excellent hosting services and to do so at an affordable price point. In this GreenGeeks Hosting Review we take a look at some of the features which have made them such a popular choice amongst small business owners.

A major selling point for GreenGeeks is that they offer full support for cPanel, which is the control panel for hosting providers. cPanel is used by over 90% of web hosts today. With cPanel, a host can offer not only site maintenance, but also unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, SSL certificates and more. Because of these extensive features, many people will find that GreenGeeks are the ideal hosting provider for their site needs.

Another aspect that makes GreenGeeks a good choice is that they offer both unmanaged and managed hosting solutions. Managed hosting is where a customer takes control of the technical aspects of their website. This means that a person will actually have a team of professionals maintaining their website. On the other hand, GreenGeeks offer a free managed hosting service. For the small business owner, this may be just what they need in order to ensure that their website stays up and running.

GreenGeeks offer two data centers in addition to their free managed hosting. The data centers include two servers, each of which has four computers on them. Of course, servers do cost money, but they are very inexpensive for the amount of space they offer. For example, each server is only about a tenth of the cost of a medium-sized desk. The two data centers allow GreenGeeks to meet the needs of their clients even when they have excess capacity. The company even offers low monthly rates for these centers.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review writers did find one thing to be lacking in their service. GreenGeeks does not offer any live chat or email support. This means that the customer service representatives do not know much about making or using email itself. This is understandable, as live chat and email are both integral parts of the Internet. They do, however, offer an excellent refund policy and good customer service.

GreenGeeks have three data centres located in the United States, one each in Texas and New York. They also have servers located in Canada. They offer a variety of plans including the plans that provide backup and those that require no backup. The data centres offer GreenGeeks customers the ability to grow their business at an exponential rate thanks to the extra security provided by their managed hosting servers. They even offer a virtual server management system to help their clients manage their servers.

GreenGeeks also offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. They do not impose any restrictions on the bandwidth or storage space in which their clients can use. This is in contrast to most other hosting companies. All of GreenGeeks’ servers are powered by cPanel, which is an interface that is used by web hosts all over the world to manage their hosting accounts. The system automatically updates the hosts files, and they can install upgrades remotely via remote access software.

GreenGeeks has an excellent customer service record. Their technical staff was able to answer a wide range of questions regarding installation, and maintenance of their servers. Their remote server monitoring and backup system were also mentioned in a GreenGeeks review. GreenGeeks can be counted upon to deliver fast and efficient service and to make sure that their customers’ site migrations run smoothly.

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