Engagebay Vs Hubspot – Which One is Better For Your Business CRM Needs?

With so many marketing tools nowadays, how can you select the best tool for your business? To manage and coordinate a multitude of leads and inquiries, companies often need dependable CRM tools. A good software which could resolve all possible issues plus many hassle-free & time-saving aspects from just one location. I will discuss two popular CRM tools available today in the marketplace.

Both HubSpot and Engagebay have been in the market for quite some time, but what makes them different from each other? The main differences are in terms of user-friendly interface, cost and complexity of functionality. In this article I will discuss both hubspot and engagebay’s unique qualities.

Many web owners make a mistake when choosing between hubspot and crm software because they do not compare the two with other important factors. If we consider the user-friendly & easy-to-use aspect, we will definitely consider Engagebay here. It has a very user-friendly interface where you can launch your account without any problems and create a great number of profiles with just a few clicks. Even if you are new to internet marketing or have limited technical knowledge, Engagebay will help you easily navigate through this aspect.

Hubspot, on the other hand, is a bit complicated to use. In fact it is quite confusing to newbie marketers and non-technical people who don’t have an experience in CRM tooling. Hubspot’s user-interface may look more complicated than Engagebay’s but it’s actually not. Their home page gives you a basic understanding of how their CRM system works. The problem is that the information you get out of this page aren’t as detailed as the information provided by Hubspot. That is why many marketers prefer engagebay’s easy-to-use & simple yet effective features such as follow-ups and free crm software.

On the whole, Hubspot wins the technical aspects but engagement tends to be stronger with Engagebay. However, it should be noted that customer support is a very important aspect of hubspot’s strong suits. With Hubspot, customers can call support anytime they need to, whereas with Engagebay, support can only be done during specific times of the week. Engagebay also offers free crm software to its customers. This software can be downloaded from their website for free and provides customer support even after the customer has purchased their software.

Despite the above-mentioned points, both hubspot and engagebay have strengths which will help their users in their CRM strategy and business. The strength that hubspot has over engagebay lies in its user-friendly interface and its advanced features like relationship management, lead management and PPC management. Engagebay also offers a complete CRM solution that is easy to use, but its weak points lie in its interface and its lack of marketing automation.

In the end, the choice between hubspot and engagebay depends on your business needs. If you are looking for a simpler CRM system, you may want to consider engagingbay. If you want to manage your marketing campaigns more efficiently or with more control, then you may want to go for hubspot. But in order to perform a comprehensive comparison between the two CRM systems, it is important for us to do a comparative analysis between the features of the two CRM software programs.

In the end, we will only be able to decide which is better, Engagebay or hubspot. However, by doing a more detailed comparison, the decision becomes much easier for us to make. For businesses with simple and light business needs, engagebay would be the best choice. For more complicated and heavier business requirements, hubspot may be a better choice.

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