Dropshipping Alternative – How Zik Analytics Can Improve Your Online Business

According to a recent post on the eBay forums, Zik Analytics is no longer being used by eBay sellers. In fact, it is being strongly encouraged that sellers uninstall Zik Analytics from their websites. The reason is because eBay realized that Zik was stealing eBay data and using it in two separate ways. As soon as this discovery was made, eBay banned the use of Zik Analytics for its sellers and vendors.

This means that Zik Analytics Alternatives, including the hottest selling items list maintained by Dropship Database, are now considered SPAM. Best explained by dropshipping companies, Zik Analytics replaced eBay’s Hot Selling Items list, and in doing so opened up another possible channel for eBay sellers and vendors to make money. Managed by wholesale dropshippers, this useful tool quickly grew to be the top alternative tool for any eBay seller, better than Spark Chart which was previously the best tool to locate hot selling items on eBay, however eBay originally purchased some features such as looking for dropship partners have been largely redundant and have become obsolete for the new hot selling items trend.

Zik Analytics and Dropship Database were not the only problems with eBay’s Hot Selling Items list. It turned out that eBay sellers were unknowingly stealing data from eBay merchants. Dropship database, by definition, must contain valid data about each of the items it lists for sale. This means that if you are not using an authentic dropship directory, you are potentially committing fraud, and eBay is strict on this matter. Therefore, as soon as this discovery was made, it became necessary for eBay sellers to find the best alternatives for tracking their sales and expenses.

Despite eBay’s restrictions, there were a number of companies who had developed tools which could perform all of the tedious work required to maintain and understand their statistics. By using a combination of Google Analytics and Amazon Web Services, any number of business analytics tools can be installed and used in a single website. The reason why all of these tools can be run simultaneously is because these three giants, Zik, Dropship Database, and Amazons, essentially all built their business on the same idea, so they had to find a way to provide the same experience, from clicks to open sales, across all three sites.

Once the innovative concept of dropshipping was revealed, there was little work left for Zik Analytics and Amazons to accomplish. However, they did try to compete with each other. Google, by then, had integrated the concept of dropshipping with Google Shopping. As Google became the largest search engine in the world, they needed every tool they could lay their hands on in order to remain relevant. Fortunately for them, there were some decent alternatives to Zik Analytics and Amazons.

Dropshipping has exploded on the e-commerce scene, and there have been many leaders who have come out in recent years, such as eBay, Amazon, Overstock, and even Craigslist. These websites allow consumers to search for, and purchase products online. As one of the leading e-commerce market research tools today, it would seem logical that Drophippers would feature heavily in an analysis of these websites. As one would expect, there are many different websites that allow Dropshipping, including eBay Dumpsters. This is where all of the action happens, and this is where Zik Analytics and Amazons could compete.

While there may have been some initial tension between Dropshipping and Zik Analytics and Amazons, these businesses ultimately found common ground. Zik started offering free trials and offered an extensive amount of information for free. The final step was to provide a money back guarantee. This not only allowed me to get a feel for the company, but I was provided with legitimate reviews from happy Dropshipping customers. While I am not a fan of Dropshipping, I am glad that Zik Analytics and Amazons are willing to let the public in on the secrets of how they find products and how they make money off of them.

One of the primary reasons I use Zik Analytics is because it is a free online business tool. In today’s day and age, it is extremely important to have access to accurate and up-to-date market research tools such as these. If you do not have one, then I would highly recommend looking into Dropshipping companies, such as eBay Dumpsters, instead. You will be able to receive free trials, and you will also have access to the most up-to-date market research tools available today. If you are interested in Dropshipping, Zik Analytics and Amazons are top of the line products that will allow you to start making profits right away. If you have any questions about what Dropshipping is, how it works, or anything else, I highly recommend taking a look at the website.

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