Get to know what I use online to be successful in what I do. Here is the list of tools and services I use and recommend you buying.

1. WordPress theme

Have you not noticed how fast my site is loading, infact when you click on a link, it will not start loading but it will appear instant on fast phones with fast internet. Well thanks to GeneratePress, that is the name of this theme, although, I used some my optimization skills to make it 5 times faster, If you buy the this theme using my affiliate link below, you qualify for a free WordPress speed optimization from me at no cost. Hurry grab this offer now. No body likes a slow website not even Google.

Vultr Web hosting

To host my website and my client’s website. I use Vultr cloud hosting. Vultr cloud hosting is giving $100 free credits, simply register an account using my referral link and deposit $100 and you will get $100 credits + your $25, totaling to $125. A VPS on Vultr costs $6/month. So with $125 divided by $6 = 20.8 months. Which means that, with only $25 plus free $100 credits, you can host your website for 1 year and 9 months. And I earn $25, we both earn but you earn more. Get started:

But am currenctly hosting my website on Google cloud using Templ.

2. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The other reason why my site is very fast in any country is because I use a CDN, a CDN speeds up the delivery of your website files to your users. I use Bunnycdn, it is very fast too and very affordable, with a site of 5000 to 10,000 visitors per month, it costed me about $2 per month. Configuring CDNs on websites might be a challenge for you, but luckily, you also do qualify for a free CDN enabling service once you you create an accoun on Bunnycdn using my affiliate link below, It is pay as you use, when you disable it, your funds will not be deducted. Hurry, grab this offer now.

Currently, I am using Google CDN using Templ.

3. Forex brokers

Here are my recommended Forex brokers I use in Zambia to trade Forex. For beginneers, I suggest ffirst playing around with Iqoption, It is easy.

For advanced users, I suggest creating an account with Binary

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4. Payment gateway

For payment gateway that works in Africa in Zambia, I use Rave, you can configure rave on Ecwid, Woocommerce, WordPress and even direct payment links. Rave allows you to receive Visa and other card payments on your website.

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