How to Buy, Sell and Withdraw PayPal Funds in Zambia easily

Withdrawing money in Zambia from PayPal account is not supported. With a Zambian PayPal account, you can only send or make payments online. But there are tricks online that involve creating a business PayPal account from a country that PayPal full works. But the problem of these type of accounts is that, you can not still withdraw your money because you would need a bank account from that country or a card from any country that can work to withdraw money. This is still very hard to get.

Why do Zambians want to use PayPal?

Well, almost all money making platforms online pay via PayPal. Unemployment levels in Zambia are so high, therefore teens like me are making use of online platforms to make money but end up not being able to withdraw funds. But by creating a business PayPal account from a supported country, we are able to send and receive only.

What do I do with the PayPal funds I receive?

Since I cannot withdraw them, I use them to pay for my web hosting, email hosting and buy some stuff from eBay or Amazon.

What if you have nothing to pay for or buy?

This is where the problem is. What if you really want the money, what do you do?

Solution #1

For this, if you have a friend or relative from the US or Uk or anywhere PayPal is fully working, you can explain to them the problem and send money to their PayPal and let them withdraw and send to you via Western Union, world remit or bank transfer.

What if you don’t have anyone from these countries?

Solution #2

This is where I come into help, I have a friend from the US who has agreed to help me and other Zambians in terms of getting money out of PayPal. You simply send to me, I send to him, then he sends to me Kwacha and I send to you via mobile money.

Terms and Conditions

For this, you must agree to the terms below if not, don’t contact me.

  1. You shall bear all the fees encountered such as PayPal fees, withdrawing fees and sending fees.
  2. The person in the US is just a friend who is a person, so anything can happen such as refusing to send the money. I Keith Rainz will not be responsible for your loss neither him. Consider this service as a favour.
  3. You must provide proof how you earned those PayPal funds to prevent you from withdrawing someone’s funds.
  4. The rate that shall be used will be $1 = ZMW 10

How to get started

Send the following on Whatsapp:

  • How much you would like to withdraw
  • your PayPal email address
  • how you earned those funds and proof
  • your mobile money number

This whole process can take upto to 3 weeks maximum

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