Apps to Make Money in South Africa

In South Africa there are many different apps that can help you make money. Some are meant for basic usage such as an SMS service, while others offer advanced features that help people market themselves or refer others. These apps may be a part of the Start Up Kit which has various other apps to help you make money online and/or access various other services.

Apart from the apps that help you make money in South Africa there are some that are actually based on real world businesses. This can include apps for restaurants, travel, hotels, car rental, etc. In order to tap into these markets, you need to have an iPhone or Blackberry. The apps for restaurants in South Africa are very popular as they help you place orders through your smart phone, get reservations at hotels, etc. while travel booking can be done through your laptop and you can even make bookings through the internet.

There are also apps to make money in South Africa that help you sell goods or promote products on the exchange rate. This is similar to eBay. Another one is the pay per click search engine where you pay a fixed fee every time someone clicks on one of your listings and visits your website. This is similar to the paid search engines used by Google and others.

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