ZeddyHub platform upgrade

I am upgrading the ZeddyHub platform each and every day to make sure that it’s users enjoy it to the fullest. I created Zeddyhub to help Zambian bloggers and YouTubers to get website traffic, get more YouTube view, followers and subscribers. But it is so disappointing that non of them or few decided to sign up. I really contacted a lot of YouTubers in Zambia including Lily Mutamz but I have just ended up being the only one adding websites and videos. This is the reason why I have decided for the platform to come on my subdomain where I have Adsense enabled where I will earn more and pay all people alone.

On this new platform, you are going to notice adverts, these are Adsense ads, when someone clicks on ads, I earn money. But you will not be required to click on ads to earn unless it is from your own will or it interests you.

Starting next month, you will notice some increases on the platform.

Join the new platform now.

Simply add your old account username below and referral link below. and create a new account on the new platform and enter your new username. I will transfer your account earnings and account type within 24hours.

The old platform will stop working on 20th of August, make sure you tell your refferals. Fill the form below

Step one, create a new account here https://zeddyhub.keithrainz.me/

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New platform: https://zeddyhub.keithrainz.me/