Zamtel USSD Codes

Zamtel USSD Codes

Learn these Zamtel USSD codes which include; Zamtel secret codes, Zamtel bundle codes, Zamtel Internet settings, How to borrow airtime on Zamtel, Zamtel minutes Code, Zamtel Mobile money, How to check your number on Zamtel, Zamtel Customer care and other USSD codes you need to know.

Zamtel is well known for cheap data packs, calling minutes, and most recently, free online access to Netflix upon purchase of a 50 GB or more data package.

Beyond cheap calling minutes and data packs for Zamtel in Zambia, there’s plenty to discover about the green and purple cell service provider. There are 15 things Zamtel as a customer wants to know here.

Zamtel Mobile Money

Mobile money in Zambia has increased since it was introduced around nine years ago when it first appeared as Makwacha on Airtel before it was officially launched and branded as Airtel Money in Zambia.

In 2017 Zamtel launched Zamtel Kwacha as their answer for their subscribers and off-network customers to a mobile money solution. Despite joining the mobile money space late in Zambia, Zamtel happens to be very innovative in Zambia, as they were the first to introduce the service in Zambia.

Zamtel All USSD Codes

In Zambia, In case you didn’t know, Zamtel has the Mobile Network Code (MNC) 03 which becomes 645 – 03 when combined with the Zambian Mobile Country Code (MCC) 645 (that’s what that weird 645-03 number in your network settings means). The easy thing to remember is that the Zambia Country Dial Code for all networks is +260, and the network code for Zamtel is 095, which becomes +26095 when combined.

USSD codes on the Zamtel network aren’t that many to remember and maybe completely replaced by the Zamtel Connect app in the future, but it’s essential to know them because they’re still relevant. The top USSD codes listed below are for Zamtel for remembering if you are a subscriber. Remember dialling to:

  • *114# – to check your airtime balance on Zamtel
  • *113* airtime# –– to recharge your Zamtel line
  • *334# – to access Zamtel Kwacha in Zambia
  • *355# – to buy an Internet data bundle c
  • *335# – to subscribe to the Chadiba promotion
  • *422# – Subscribe to minutes pack, Zamtel minutes Code.
  • *335*1# – to subscribe to Real Mahala Thrill On-Net 60mins on Zamtel
  • *335*2# – to subscribe to Real Mahala On-Net 100mins on Zamtel
  • *335*4# – to subscribe to Real Mahala All-Net 10mins on Zamtel

How to borrow airtime on Zamtel

To borrow airtime on Zamtel, Dial *2526# and see if you qualify.

Zamtel Customer care

In Zambia, If you’re modern and want to communicate with Zamtel, you can find them on their Facebook page, just search for Zamtel on Facebook and send your message to the page which is verified. But if social networking isn’t for you, you can message them on their official website or give them an email at

If you are a customer of Zamtel in Zambia, you can dial 111 to the call the Zamtel call centre. However, if you are not a customer or would like to make a general application, use +260 (211) 333 152 during business hours on the landline or on the smartphone in Zambia.

How to check your number on Zamtel

To check your number on Zamtel, simply dial *114#, it will show you your balance and number.


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