What are the challenges of Pig farming in Gambia

Learn about these challenges of Pig farming in Africa and how to overcome them. Pig farming is a very profitable business in Africa, but this article will look at all the challenges facing pig farmers, like all companies that have challenges.

Pig Farming In Africa

Pig farming in Africa doesn’t have a high entry barrier and you don’t need to be qualified to start at a tertiary institution. With that being said, you do need to know what you are doing, knowledge on Pig farming in Africa prepares you against unexpected circumstances and challenges such as breakouts of sickness, you need to know what diseases can reach your pigs and how to avoid them or what vaccinations to use. Awareness also allows you to set realistic targets. There is an ocean of information on the internet. A practical experience is often helpful, volunteering to help around a pig farm in Africa for a few days to get the hang of how things work and use the internet to your advantage.

Challenges of Pig farming in Africa

  1. Sickness – Sicknesses are one of the problems you might come across in Pig farming, some of which are dangerous, but you can take preventive steps. Here are some of the illnesses that you can come across: Arthritis, Roundworms, Salt poisoning, Diarrhoea, Measles, Abscesses, Pneumonia and Lumpy skin disease.
  2. Pig selling in Africa – Some pig farmers in Africa, particularly beginners, face challenges when it comes to selling their pigs, knowing the avenues to take. Some of the ways you are willing to do this are: Selling by an agent in Africa: agents work at large abattoirs on behalf of suppliers for a fee. They take care of the abattoir payments, grading fees, inspection and price negotiation with a butcher or manufacturer, private deal. The pigs can also be sold to small abattoirs at auctions in Africa.
  3. Lack of resources – Some problems facing pig farmers in Africa are the lack of capital, it is not a walk in the park to be able to maintain an area that is ideal for raising high-quality pigs, a Pig farmer in Africa needs a lot of resources. Smaller farmers can face food shortages and struggle to pay some of the costs necessary to successfully operate a pig farm in Africa.


There are a number of pig farming challenges faced by Pig farmers in Africa, primarily awareness, sickness and money, but you should not be derailed in your search to have a pig farm. See, above all, what you need to know about pig farming. If you have questions, feel free to comment below.

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