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Today, I Keith Rainz the owner of the Rainz Agency having the best affiliate marketing program in Zambia will be giving away money to the top 10 most performing users on the platform.
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I created an affiliate marketing program where you earn 50% commission when you share or promote my products and services. Everything is automated and transparent. Learn more:

With my platform, even when you refer people to the website and they don’t buy anything, you still earn something to make up for your time, energy, and effort lost sharing my services. For this, you earn $2 or K45 per 1000 visitors you refer to the website. The website has no ads btw.

But today, it is different, as a giveaway, I have paid 50 ngwee per visitor you have referred to the website. Meaning if you referred 100 visitors, you have earned K50.

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