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QuickXis an original decentralized stage that is proposed to give
powerful answers for a portion of the basic issues with blockchain innovation, for example, time, cost,
versatility and cross exchange of blockchain resources while making digital forms of money reasonable
for mass selection in everyday exchanges and give answers for endeavors.

QuickX / Cryptoadvice gives exchange of various digital forms of money between two gatherings right away
simply like some other conventional electronic exchange system. In this way enabling exchanges to happen
consistently and right away without client pay a high system charges as it is taken consideration by
the pooling facilitators in the system who encourage the cross-tie exchanges to occur quickly!

QuickX highlights a multicurrency wallet, a multicurrency check card, a cryptographic money swap choice,
and an installment portal utilizing Quickx Protocol, which make digital forms of money reasonable for the
majority for non-virtual world exchanges.

Despite the fact that it is far-fetched, that blockchain biological communities will supplant customary
financial framework by and large sooner rather than later, they speak to a noteworthy risk to the
conventional financial framework.

2019 – Testing for the QuickX debit card has started in January 2018 and transactions worth more than 100,000 USD were completed.

2019 – QuickX debit card allows us to use cryptocurrency in our daily needs with the help of this card.

Testing of QuickX debit card is mentioned in roadmap dated January 2018 – how did that go.


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First ever international trip by CryptoAdvice (Market maker of QuickX) Crypto advice, which is the market maker of QuickX token, is going to organize its first […].

2018 – The QuickX token is called QCX and serves as an utility token.

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