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This is making very, very, very basic money for indie films. THIS IS NOT A TUTORIAL IN MAKING MONEY FOR OTHER ACTIVITIES besides filming and artistic purposes. As you can tell, this is the old £50 UK pound currency. However, this can work in Euro, Dollars and whatever other currency you are interested.

You MUST physically distinguish your prop from the real currency. Be creative with how you go about in doing so. One of the ways you could do this is:
– Print the only side you need.
– Write in a clear pen that it is a fake money
– Watermark the finished product with your production/film name
– If you are going to wrap the stack in elastic band or in currency strap, do not print on the area where the strap loops.
– Scale the currency slightly larger than the real one.
You just need to make this shit obvious that its not a real currency.
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