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Is golike really gone or down? there has been a big internet outtage that has affected large websites. But the question is, is etesco and other sites like emillion and go like part of the websites affected? or maybe they have really disappeared?, well as at now no one really knows. If you have money in one of these websites and before joining them you did read my posts, you might have seen my warning or disclaimer saying that these platforms maybe fake, scams and may disappear at any time.

Who confirmed the disappearance of these platforms?

Almost all news about these platforms going down are coming from this page called “Zambia today”. Do you trust it? how does it know for sure?

zambia today
zambia today


Keep visiting this page, as more information about these platforms if they are really gone or maybe they are having un upgrade or maybe they are also affected by the same outtage. What is your opinion? feel free to comment below

UPDATE @ 24TH JULY… It has been confirmed, these platforms have disappeared.

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