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Click on the link below to register and make sure you include a zero at the beginning of your phone number.

This is basically a platform that allows you to earn money by doing simple tasks on your smartphone via social media which includes facebook and youtube.
You perfrom these tasks by liking videos and then following the pages or channels both on facebook and youtube that post these videos.
Once you do this simply get a screenshot and upoad it to enchain.

Now each task is worth a certain amount of money and you get these tasks by the current membership you are on.
Once you open an account, you become an ordinary member automatically, meaning you get 3 tasks a day each worth K6 and you begin to make K18 a day everyday.
Of course there are VIP memberships with more tasks and more money, from VIP1 to VIP9.
*VIP1 has 5 tasks each worth K8 u get *K1200 monthly*
*VIP2 has 10 tasks each worth K9 u get K2700 monthly*
*VIP3 has 20 tasks each worth K10 u get K6000 monthly*
*VIP4 has 36 tasks each worth K12 u get K12960 monthly*

You can upgrade to VIP membership by investing or depositing money through different methods on the platform
*VIP1 is K599*
*VIP2 is K1399*
*VIP3 is K3699*
*VIP4 is K8888*

If u lack funds no need to worry, Enchain has got u covered.
You can continue doing three daily tasks a day until u finally have enough to upgrade your account to any VIP package u have raised enough money for.????

“`Now that’s a win win.
It’s Risk free and and safe. What are you waiting for join enchain now and earn more.“`


The money making opportunity above might not be as legit as it might seem, therefore, if it requires money, invest at your own risk. Keith Rainz will not be held accountable for your loss. If you would like some real, tested, tried and proved ways of making money in Zambia, subscribe to Keith Rainz’s YouTube channel and watch his videos

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