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In this video, you will learn how to How to get a VPS to run a forex EA or bot 24/7 for 2 years for free. A VPS is a Virtual Private server, this is a remote pc where we will install Windows 10, install teamviewer for us to be able to control it remotely and then install metatrader and how you can install your EA or any forex bot. A VPS costs more than $10 per month, but in this video, I have something good for you. You are only going to pay $25 and get a VPS to run Windows 10 for almost 2 years. Just watch the video to know how. #forexvps #forexEA #Forexbot #volatilityindicesbot #boom1000bot #crash1000bot #spikedetector #bellysystem


Why should you buy a VPS? Does it matter?
yes it does.
1. When you run your forex EA or bot on a VPS, it’s never get interrupted like power outages or internet bundles.
2. The bot runs 24/7 without stoping for as long as you want it to run as compared to your own pc, where you might switch off.
3. You can buy a VPS located in same country as your broker, this means that the trade execution will be very much faster than running the bot on your PC here in Africa where it’s far from the broker’s server location.
4. The internet speed is slow in African countries, but having a VPS in USA or Canada, the VPS usually has speed of more than 100mbps. There are a lot of reasons, these are few just. Please like the video to support me, comment if you have questions and share too, to others.
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