Video: How Much Does YouTube Pay Me In Zambia?

Learn more on How Much Does YouTube Pay Me In Zambia?. Simply watch the video below till the end or watch from my YouTube channel on YouTube.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Me In Zambia? Video

About Video: How Much Does YouTube Pay Me In Zambia?

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Learn and find out how much YouTube pays me in Zambia, the misconceptions about how YouTube pays, how money is made on YouTube and finally how much YouTube pays me monthly.

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Let me save your time:
0.00 Intro
00:17 How money is made on YouTube
01:20 Debunking some YouTube misconceptions you have been told
03:45 What the money you earn is based on…
04:19 how I make money on YouTube
04:49 proof that more views don’t mean more money
06:38 Why I created a new YouTube channel
08:54 How much YouTube pays me per month in Zambia
09:58 Outtro

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