Using Dropshipping and Price Monitoring to Increase Your Profit

OAGenius is an extensive collection of tools that help online retailers in searching for profitable opportunities, tracking product prices, managing orders, and filling orders with dropshippers. They need efficient order and inventory management systems such as OAGenius. OAGenius offers many features that are useful to online retailers. It provides detailed information about the product including customer ratings and comments. This enables an online retailer to make informed decisions about new products.

The inventory levels of a company can be a big problem. If you manage your own inventory levels then you know how important it is to keep them at optimal levels so that your profit margin can increase. OAGenius can help you keep an eye on prices and sales of each product listed. OAGenius also enables a retailer to manage his or her own CRM database. The database stores information about the products the customer buys and the number of times they order them.

The number of orders can be critical because this tells you the direction you should be taking your business. Many dropshippers provide a free trial offer, but usually you will need to pay a monthly fee in order to keep the service. Dropshipping with OAGenius means you have the ability to manage your own orders while saving money on overheads such as inventory costs and shipping costs. You can find out how much you will be paying and how many dropshippers you will have access to with the merchant account manager.

Order management allows you to enter several items for instance products, orders, search terms, etc. and then have them all show up in your cart. The orders can be managed by several items and tracked from one place such as your website or through your e-mails.

With this capability you can view all of the information about your entire online retail business with just one screen. You can enter the order details for your inventory, view the statistics for your business, know which products are best sellers and most popular, how much you are spending on each category and much more. Through this feature you will know everything that goes on within your company. Dropshipping with OAGenius is not only great for increasing your sales, it is also good for your business’ growth potential.

OAGenius features an inventory tracking page that keeps track of several items at once. This page is very helpful for customers, because instead of receiving several different quotes for the same item, they will see one quote for their order. OAGenius offers a facility known as the dropshipping calculator. This calculator can estimate the amount of refunds that may be required based on the volume of the product sold.

This system will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to your inventory levels without having to go back to the source. You can calculate the quantity available, the average rate per item, the shipping costs involved and any other miscellaneous fees associated with your sales. You can even compare all of these factors against your competitor’s prices and see where you can save. The goal of the program is to ensure that you are always making the right decision when it comes to your inventory levels. OAGenius offers assistance for problems that may arise with your prices or with your returns and refund rates.

The program allows you to add dropshipping services to your website. You will find many useful features, including detailed information regarding your product. OAGenius is perfect for anyone who is interested in selling high volume products and for anyone who wants to take their business online. If you are looking to expand your current business, OAGenius can help you achieve your goals with a few clicks of the mouse. OAGenius has been used by millions of retailers worldwide and is trusted by thousands of individuals around the world.

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