• Supreme-binary-Bots for Binary .com Auto-Trading! With latest bot trading strategy.
  • One Digit-Bot called MIRAGE-AUTO-DIGITS = The bot trades Market Digits/ numbers. Installed with mathematical algo to predict market digits based on Aristotle Theory “
  • In ancient Greece, Aristotle commented on the role of repetition in learning by saying “it is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency” (Ross & Aristotle, 1906) and “the more frequently two things are experienced together, the more likely it will be that the experience or recall of one will stimulate the recall of the other”===================================================
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  • Second-Bot is Called RF_SPECTRUM_PATTERN For Rise-Fall Trade-Type Auto-Trading. Installed with Trend Adjusting Indicators/ Direction-Indicators and Candle Volume Filter.
  • “In mathematics, the spectrum of a matrix is the multiset of the eigenvalues of the matrix.”A spectrum is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary, without steps, across a continuum”


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