Start Your Own Taxi Booking App Service

Would you like to Start Your Own Taxi Booking App Service like Ulendo and Uber in Zambia without breaking your bank account and start generating passive income every hour in autopilot mode?

If yes, then you are welcome and continue reading.

About me

My name is Keith a freelancer in web design and marketing from Zambia. I am here to help you have an online presence, optimize your web presence for search engines and increase your sales in Zambia and world at large. 

What is a Taxi booking app

Its an app that alows people to book a taxi right from their smart phones, it also allows drivers to earn income by taking people to their destinations, by owning a taxi booking app like Uber or Ulendo, you can charge a cetain percentage or fixed fee per booking.

How Much Money Can You Earn By Owning A Taxi Booking App In Zambia?

You can earn ulimited amount of earnings.Your earnings will depend on number of bookings you receive per day and number of available drivers .


Lets say:

You charge K20 per kilometre

and you earn 10% from K20 per kilometre drivers earn.

And you have 100 drivers in the first month who receive bookings of  3 to 20 per day and they make a minmum of K500 each per day

As a company or Taxi booking app owner in Zambia you can earn

You have 100 driver who make K500 per day = 100 X 500 =ZMW 50,000

10% of K50,000 is = K5000 per day, in a month it is ZMW 155,000.

So that is your gross profit without other expenses you might encounter while running this business.

NB. This is an estimation of what you can make, remember, it will depend on your marketing, number of users and drivers etc. With Digital marketing from me, you will be guaranteed of making more than ZMW K50,000 per day.

Visit fo my digital marketing pricing.

Taxi Booking app features

I will make for you an international quality standard app that can run in any country.

  • Admin panel 
  • Rider and Driver apps for Android
  • iOs driver and rider apps
  • Wallet feature
  • Commission (Percentage & Fixed)
  • Live tracking in admin panel
  • Autocomplete place
  • Firebase Integrated
  • Goolge Maps APIs
  • Push notification
  • Payment receipt in app and mailbox
  • Cost, distance, time calculator
  • Reserve a taxi
  • Taxi tracking
  • Rate a driver
  • Order a taxi
  • Call feature
  • Paypal and Credit card integrated
  • Ride planning
  • Favorite ride
  • chat between driver and customer in the app

Payment methods I can configure

  • Stripe for card payments
  • Braintree for card payments
  • Paypl and cash paymnets

Driver app features

  • Driver license upload

In the driver app, you can:

  • Enable/disable status
  • Confirm an order
  • Receive planned walks, confirm and follow them
  • Be guided by the app for these walks
  • See his races
  • See the route of a customer’s race
  • Edit profile
  • Call customer

Rider app features

In the customer app, you can:

  • Order a taxi
  • Plan these walks
  • Save these favorite rides
  • Manage your orders
  • Reserve a taxi
  • Manage your reservation
  • Driver can call customer
  • Customer can call driver
  • Evaluate a driver
  • Receive notifications
  • Receive your payment receipt
  • Pay ride by Paypal or credit card
  • Create a user account
  • Create a driver account
  • See the history of his races
  • See the route of a race
  • See the position of the nearest taxi
  • Edit profile

Admin panel features

In the admin panel, you can:

  • View customer
  • View driver
  • Validate driver registration after checking his information
  • See live drivers on the map
  • Manage orders
  • Send notification to all customers


I already have demo working apps you can try out, once you hire me I can complete the apps within a week, all what is needed is to add your own logos, information, payment gateways and server installation.

How Much Am I Charging?

I am offering custom fees, contact me at or chat with me by clicking on the live chat button. If you would like to test the admin panel and apps, feel free to chat with me.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is for us the directors and it will help us manage users, car types, promotional codes, refferals, driver aproval, earnings etc without touching the code directly.

ulendo app download, ulendo logo, ulendo drivers

Features of admin panel

  • DASHBOARD – From the dashboard we can see our daily earnings, monthly and total earnings.We can as well see drivers in real time on map.
  • USERS – On the users page as the title suggests, we can view and manage both drivers and users, it is the page where we can also approve drivers and assign them to channels like basic, standard or coporate. you can see user’s names, user type, email, mobile number, profile image, vehicle number, car type, account approval status, driver active status, license image, wallet balance, sign up refferal and referal ID
ulendo app download, ulendo logo, ulendo drivers
  • CAR TYPES OR CHANNELS – Car types or channels are kind of packages similar or found in Ulendo. from the car types page, we can add or remove or edit car types. we can edit rate per hour, rate per kilometre, minimum fare and convenience fee of which is what we earn as a company.
car types
car types

Bookings page

On the bookings page, we can view all transactions taking place, here are things we can see. booking date, start trip and end trip time, customer’s name, car type, vehicle number, pick up and drop address, driver assigned, book status, cost trip or driver share, convenience fees(our profit), gross trip cost, discount amount, customer paid, payment status, payment mode, payment gateway, wallet payment amount and card and cash payment amount.


Earning reports

On this earnings report page, will be able to see reports for years, months, driver share, convenience fee, gross trip cost, discounts, customer paid and profit
profit = cost paid – trip cost

earning reports
earning reports

Driver Earning History

On this page will be able to see earnings specifically for drivers, years, months, driver names, vehicle number and earning amount.

Promo and Offers

For marketing purposes, on this page will be able to create coupon codes, will be able to see: promo name, promo details, promo discount value, max limit value, minimum order count, start date and and date, usage limit, and promo used by who

Refferal bonus

For self marketing, we can award those who bring other people to use the app by means of refferal bonus.


Push notification

On this page, we can notify, drivers, riders with any information in real time.


The admin panel has so much features, those are the few above.