Review – Is South News Pay a scam? legit or real?

Here is my personal review of also known as South News Pay. Is this website a scam? fake? legit or real?, well keep on reading to find out. South news pay is similar to a website that had scammed people and disappeared called African news pay. If you were a member of it or heard about it, it works the same way. South News Pay is an online news platform which pays its members by doing doing simple activities. These tasks are simple because we are all familiar with them as we do them on many social media platforms. These activities include logging in, reading, posting and commenting.

Unlike these other platforms South news pays you for those activities. For one to earn they have to purchase a one time pin called Epin for K100 from their agents. Registration is not free.

One can also earn by inviting however, these two accounts ( activities and referrals) are separate wallets meaning one can withdraw without inviting.

According to a whatsapp group I had joined to find out more information about this platform, below, is how it works.

How does work?

Activities Earnings can be withdrawn if member has been on the platform for at least 30 days.You can’t withdraw more than k1,000 per month on activities Earnings. For example, if you earn k2,100 on activities, you will be able to withdraw k1,000 and reserve k1,100.


  1. Referral earning can be withdrawn once a week
  2. Maximum withdrawal on referral per week is k2,000 and minimum is k300

Activity earnings????
• Daily login bonus ➡️ K5
• Posting ➡️ K5
• Reading ➡️ K0.1
• Commenting ➡️ K0.1

Referral earnings???? ????
• K60 per referral

Minimum withdraw????:

  1. Activities ⏩ K1000 (Mobile money)
  2. Referrals ⏩ K300 (Mobile money)
    NB:Withdraw without referral

Is legit or a scam? was created on 2021-07-29. Just like any other platform I have wrote a review about, a time comes when it disappears and people lose money to them. This website is still new, if you want to join, join and make sure you withdraw your profits within 2 months because in the third and fourth months, these type of websites disappear. So is this platform legit? no it is not. On their website, there is no information about who they are, where they are found or their contact details. This makes it hard to locate them if they disappear with your own money. alternatives

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