SHOPEE MALL ZAMBIA REVIEW – Make money fast in Zambia online

Shopee mall Zambia is another money making website that works in Zambia that is similar to star shop. In this video, I will be reviewing this website. Create an account on shopee here.


Watch this video below to learn how it works.


Update; 26th September

I visited shopee mall to learn more, watch the video below.

shopee mall offices

Update: 27th september, decided to make another video summarizing the meeting, watch below

new video rosa shopee

Update; 27th, shopee changes to rosa

The shopee website is no longer working, you need to use the new link to login or create an account.

Is SHOPEE MALL ZAMBIA scam, fake or real?

To answer this question, I created a video with 13 ways of knowing if a website is a scam or not. Refer to it. or watch it below:

Is SHOPEE MALL ZAMBIA scam, fake or real?

How to make money safely

This platform is called “Shopee” am sure you have heard about it. It is similar to other platforms like etesco where people made real thousands of money but disappeared later on. The secret, is to join early and withdraw the money and some profits as early as possible and leave the rest of profits generating money for you untill it disappears.

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