Review of the Bella Ciao Song

In the second episode of season five of This Is Your Life, Bella Ciao features a rather unusual song, sung by Michael Chiklis, where he rips out his own teeth. In the scene where he is getting ready to sing the first part of his duet with Allison Holley, he grimaces and clenches his teeth as he thinks about how much he hates having to do it. Throughout the song he also rips a page from his journal and puts it on the wall next to his bloodied tooth.

As seen in Money Heist, Michael Chiklis sings the opening part of his first duet with Allison Holley, reciting a poem by his grandmother, Bella Ciao. The poem is a tribute to his grandmother, who died when he was only three years old, a victim of the Spanish flu. Throughout the first verse, the old woman’s words get haunting, reminding him of how small he was and of how scared he was when his grandparents burned her house down. This reminded him of how lucky he was to have his grandma, who was a big support for him throughout his childhood, so he sang the original version of this song, reciting it as if he were a child still reciting it. The lyrics to the second verse also describe what it is like to be young again, and how he wants to get back to those days when he was all grown up. When he finally gets his chance to meet his girlfriend in the third season, he frees her from the police and tells her he forgives her for burning down his house.

Finally, in the season six premiere, Bella Ciao finally gets to meet her true love, which happens to be a boy named Alex. The two spend the rest of the episode singing the original bella Ciao song. They end the song with a dance that culminates in them breaking each other’s arms. The dance also represents a new beginning for Alex and Bella, which make him promise to be the best man ever, and that he will do everything in his power to make their relationship work.

Bella Ciao Song

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