in Zambia Review is an investment platform in Zambia that let’s you earn 2.5% of your investment everyday. The minimum you can invest is $10 about k225 and the minimum you can withdraw is $2.5 about K56. There is no information about who the owners are, their location or contact details. But according to my analysis, they are using a payment gateway called Sparco.

Sparco is a payment gateway that can allow you to accept mobile money and visa payments on your website. To sign up on Sparco and start accepting payments and get verified, you need a to be a business and get verified. This means that the people behind this platform are Zambians or some people have decided to partner with the unknown owner to register on his or their behalf.

How to create an account

I created an account to see how it works. may be I might earn some money when you join using my link to support me to continue writing reviews.

sumply visit and click on menu and click on register, you will be required to enter a referral code to proceed. Enter 089215.

How to make money on pro trust ventures

You simply have to be clicking on the share button everyday. If you don’t, you make nothing

Is pro trust ventures legit? real or paying?

What you should know about these type of websites that claim to give 2% daily or any percentage from your investment and reward you more for referring others is that, they only survive on the money being deposited by new people being referred everyday that is the reason why you always earn more when you recruit. And one most important thing you should know is that, since you usually do not who or which people are behind the platform, if the website disappears, it is impossible to get your money. People are really investing thousands, even millions to these type of investments sites and people lose after they disappear, some continue by joining other platforms, some commit suicides.

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My advice

I do not want to sound negative, so if you really desperate for quick money, only invest in these platforms in the first month when they are launched and make sure you withdraw your earnings within 2 months because you never know when they disappear. Only invest what you can afford to lose, don’t borrow money. By the way, these are just some pyramid schemes and they fall under the category of “scams” they have no proven way in which the money is made nor do they have offices.

Protrustventures payment proof

I decided to invest a K220 / $10 am willing to lose to see if it works and decided to withdraw my profit. Below is my payment proof.

payment proof


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