How I promoted Paripesa the footbal betting platform

In the dynamic landscape of online sports betting in Zambia, my collaboration with Paripesa marked a significant partnership in which I, Keith Rainz, played the role of a Zambian content creator and influencer. Paripesa, a notable sports betting platform, recognized the importance of reaching the local audience through engaging and authentic content. As part of our collaboration, I was contracted to promote Paripesa in my video content for an entire month, strategically incorporating mentions and highlights of their sports betting platform.

My approach to promoting Paripesa involved creating content that not only showcased the platform’s features but also emphasized the unique benefits it offered to Zambian sports enthusiasts. Through my videos, I aimed to provide valuable insights into the world of online sports betting, offering tips, strategies, and an overall positive user experience with Paripesa. This collaboration was not just about promotion but also about fostering a connection with my audience, ensuring that the endorsement was genuine and resonated with the interests of my viewers.

To facilitate future collaborations and partnerships, I made it easy for interested companies to get in touch with me. By providing my contact details, including email at and WhatsApp at +260977770202, I created an open channel for inquiries. This transparent communication channel extended beyond the Paripesa collaboration, showcasing my readiness to work with other companies seeking to tap into the vast audience on platforms like Telegram, YouTube, and Facebook.

As a Zambian content creator, my collaboration with Paripesa not only contributed to the platform’s visibility in the local market but also reinforced my commitment to promoting brands that align with the interests and preferences of my audience. This partnership exemplified the potential for mutually beneficial collaborations between content creators and companies in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and online platforms.

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