MTN Free internet for Zambia

Learn more on Airtel Zambia, MTN and zamtel as well as Vodafone free internet, airtel free internet code, airtel free internet app and airtel free internet settings. how to get free data on mtn

What is Airtel Zambia?

Zambia Plc’s Airtel Networks is a telecommunications company, formerly Celtel Zambia Plc. The Company provides telecommunications services on mobile radio. The company is based in Zambia. It also sells voice and data services, if its customers use Airtel Zambia network, to network subscribers and to foreign telephony operators. It is responsible for the selling to consumers of mobile devices. The products of the company comprise Airtel Marketplace, Caller Ring back Tunes, Hello, Learn French, Me-2-U, Self Care, Mobile Radio and Games Club; Airtel Ring Football, Airtel Portal; Airtel Blessing Connection, Airtel Insurance. International Calling Tariffs, Airtel International Roaming Services, One Airtel Roaming Tariffs, and Airtel World Roaming Tariffs are included in its international services. There are also internet and BlackBerry services available. It is distributed in Africa and Asia in over 20 countries.

Is free internet provided by Airtel Zambia?

The quick answer is no, although Airtel Zambia has all subscriptions and packages to suit everyone. Nevertheless, Its not everyone who is able to afford bundles for data, although some may afford, its never enough especially for students or developers like me who spend most time on youtube, udemy etc watching videos, learning new things and so on.

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How to access free internet on Airtel Zambia network

You can access free internet legally without having to temper anything with your sim or number just by installing certain VPNs (Virtual private networks apps).

What is a VPN

You can build a secure connection to another network via the Internet with a VPN or virtual private network. VPNs are available to access regional websites, prevent prying eyes from your browsing activity on Wi-Fi, and more.

VPNs are popular these days, but not because they were created originally. Initially, they were only a way to securely connect the business networks via the internet or to access a business network from home.

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In fact, VPNs relay all your network traffic to the network, where the advantages–such as remote access to LAN services and Internet censorship–come to light. Most systems have VPN support integrated.

What Is a VPN and why do you need one in Zambia

Pretty literally, a VPN connects your Mac, smartphone or tablet to somewhere on the internet, which allows you to browse the internet using the internet connection of that device. Thus, if this server is in another country, it seems as if you’re from that country, and you might have access to things you usually couldn’t.

So how do you profit from this? Good question! Good question! You can use a VPN to Bypass websites or stream audio and video geographical restrictions.
See Netflix and Hulu online services.
Secure from snooping at WIFI hotspots that are unreliable.
Get anonymity online at least by hiding your real place.
Secure against logging during torrenting.
Today, the vast majority of people use the VPN to watch content in a different country to torrent and circumvent geographical restrictions. They’re always extremely useful when employed in a coffee shop to cover yourself, but that’s hardly the primary application.

How does a VPN offer free internet?

Well, VPNs are most used by hackers, woke people and those who really understand privacy and how everyone is being controlled and how each of one of us’s data is being collected everyday. Well Vpns can secure your internet connecton making you anonymous.

not all vpns can make you 100% anonymous, some Vpns like

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anonytun, http injector, your-freedom ETC

anonytun free Airtel internet in Zambia

AnonyTun VPN Tunnel is a free and efficient VPN tunnel offering unlimited servers. It is a convenient solution to get around restrictions imposed by your ISP > This brand new VPN tunnel is designed to help you circumvent the blocks that stop you from enjoying a flexible internet experience.

airtel free internet zambia

Http injector for Airtel free internet in Zambia

Http injector for Airtel free internet in Zambia

HTTP Injector is a qualified HTTP header setting tool. It connects your SSH / Proxy to the custom header and can also access blocked websites behind the firewall with SSH tunneling support & proxy server.

airtel free internet app

Your-freedom Airtel free internet for Zambia

The Your Freedom services makes accessible what is unaccessible to you, and it hides your network address from those who don’t need to know.

airtel free internet code

How to configure airtel internet settings

Having those apps installed does not guarantee you that you will access free internet. There are some settings or configurations you need to keep changing since these free internet get blocked from time to time. I will be making more posts on this, be checking my blog frequently.

Zamtel Zambia free internet

Zamtel is a government-owned telecommunications service provider in Zambia, whose official name is Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited. Zamtel is one of the country’s three mobile networks, the others being Airtel and MTN.

MTN zambia free internet

MTN Group Limited, formerly M-Cell, is a global South African cellular telecommunications company that operates in many countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. His offices are in Johannesburg.

Vodafone Zambia free internet

Vodafone Group plc is a British conglomerate of multinational telecommunications based in London and Newbury, Berkshire. It primarily operates operations in Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania

Get free internet configurations and settings now

Do you really need free internet? follow the steps below.

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Free internet settings and configurations will be valid for 31 days unless blocked and you can repeat this step to request.

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