MetaTrader 5 Review – PROS & CONS

MetaTrader 5, also referred to as MT5, is a more sophisticated and potent version of meta trading platforms.

With the use of sophisticated tools like technical analysis, signals, and trading robots, it offers traders a straightforward and user-friendly interface to automatically manage trading activities.

Since its 2010 release, this multi-functional trading platform has become the top pick of experienced and sophisticated traders.

The fact that this trading platform is not suggested for beginners, however, is its major flaw. Instead, it was created specifically for experienced traders.

Read this MetaTrader 5 review through to the conclusion to discover all the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this popular trading platform.

What is MetaTrader 5.

For Forex and stock traders who want to automate their trading using cutting-edge tools, MetaTrader 5 is a multi-functional and institutional trading platform used globally.

Trading robots, signals, fundamental analysis, real-time quotations, trading histories, and professional technical analysis are some of these cutting-edge instruments.

Users of MetaTrader 5 can foresee future market movements through price analysis and forecasting.

Using the software, traders may keep an eye on all necessary trading instruments as well as assess both long- and short-term trends.

The reading of news articles from foreign news sources, the examination of various economic statistics, and the estimation of the effects of these data on stock prices and currency exchange rates are other ways that traders can stay current with market circumstances.

Additionally, it can be utilised by traders to set pending orders and carry out comprehensive market analysis using a range of graphical components and technical indicators.

In contrast to other sophisticated trading platforms, MetaTrader 5 also enables users to trade, place pending orders, and set protective Take Profit and Stop Loss settings using their iPads, iPhones, or Android-powered smartphones.

Pros and Cons of MetaTrader 5


  • Strong and Modern Trading Platform
  • Free for iOS and Android download
  • Excellent Algorithm Trading Platform
  • provides cutting-edge tools like trading robots and technical analysis
  • Uses MQL5 language
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Single-click trading and sophisticated market analysis
  • Excellent Derivatives Trading Platform
  • Investors can quickly switch between various accounts
  • Outstanding Platform for Automated Trading
  • Position for Netting and Hedging
  • Quotes that are current in Market Watch


  • Not Suitable for Novices
  • Slope of Learning
  • Tradeable instruments:
  • Because it provides cutting-edge technical and fundamental analysis tools, MetaTrader 5 is quite well known.

These instruments aid traders in spotting various symbol patterns, defining support and resistance levels, and foretelling price movements on the financial markets.

So, the platform’s sophisticated tools are listed below.

Tools for Technical Analysis:

To forecast future prices in the money and capital markets, MT5 provides a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge technical analysis tools.

Technical Indicators

The most crucial aspect of technical analysis is indicators. This is so that traders may better recognise various patterns in the price dynamics of the financial markets with the use of these technical indicators.

The 38 prominent technical indicators offered by MetaTrader 5 include Trend Indicators, Oscillators, Volume Indicators, Moving Averages, Pivot Points, B-Clock, Zig Zag, Exponential Moving Averages, Renko, etc.

Analysis-related items:

The platform’s 44 analytical items, including Gann, Fibonacci, and Elliot Tools, are the best feature of MetaTrader 5.

These items must be manually applied. The large selection of analytical tools provided by MT5 meets all the requirements of experienced traders.

Expert Advisors:

The pre-made chart-in-chart style, which is enabled by the Expert Advisor tool, offers a more in-depth analysis of the tried-and-true technical tactics.

Trading Indicators:

Trading signals, commonly referred to as copy trading, enable investors to imitate the trades of seasoned investors. Through the MT5 platform, traders can select to automatically trade the signals.

However, it is a good idea to do some study before choosing trading signals.

Tools for Basic Analysis:

The trading platform also provides a range of fundamental analysis capabilities in addition to technical analysis. As a result, it enables traders to create effective trading plans.

The Financial News and the Economic Calendar are the most effective and popular instruments for basic analysis.

monetary news

For thorough awareness of the state of the market, the website provides users with access to financial news from leading worldwide news organisations.

Additionally, MT5 provides a daily broadcast of a number of newsletters from local or global events that affect stock and currency quotes.

Financial Calendar:

The economic calendar is another another useful tool provided by MetaTrader 5. The tool assists traders in determining the time of the impending occurrence, enabling them to forecast future price data.

This essential tool allows traders to forecast a variety of occurrences in the stock, foreign currency, and other markets.

Additional Resources

The MT5 platform offers various extra trading tools in addition to technical and fundamental tools, such as one-click trading and access to a wealth of market data.

The technology, however, enables separate accounting for trades and orders. There are two prevalent accounting methods:

For exchange markets, use netting

Trading with hedging

Pricing for MetaTrader 5:

Let’s talk about the cost of utilising MetaTrader 5 in this section of the review.

Retail traders are not charged an additional fee to use the MetaTrader 5 platform.

You can use it directly from the Metaquotes website or through a brokerage platform. You can also experiment using an MT5 sample account if you’re a beginner.
The platform is offered in three different configurations for brokers: Entry License, Standard License, and Enterprise License.

While an entry licence has a capacity of 1,000 genuine accounts, a standard and enterprise licence each have a capacity of 25,000 and 2,000,000.

interface for users:

Users of the simple and intuitive trading platform MetaTrader 5 can access all commands from the top menu.

You can simultaneously handle technical analysis from the navigator and get financial instrument quotes on market watch.

Mobile Device:

Any device may quickly and easily download MT5, including those running iOS, Android, Windows, and MAC OS. A collection of pending orders and level 2 prices with up to 32 quotes are also available to traders.

Top qualities:

  • Charts that change quickly between different financial instruments
  • Financial News for Free
  • thirty plus technical indicators
  • Notification through Push
  • Analytical Tools: 24+
  • System suitability

All platforms, including computers, mobile devices, etc., are compatible with MetaTrader 5. Operating systems with SSE2 capabilities and Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 are the bare minimum requirements for running MT5 platforms.

Here are some pointers for setting up MT5 on your gadget:

You can use Wine to install MT5 for UNIX OS on a machine running Ubuntu.

Download the MT5 from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to use it on a mobile device.

You might have to utilise the free, open-source PlayOnMac software for MAC OS.

Assistance & Support

Let’s talk about the help and support that this trading platform provides in this area of the MetaTrader 5 review.

To assist traders in comprehending the following issues, MT5 provides a special help page:

  • Getting going
  • Graphs and charts
  • Price evaluation
  • Copy-trading
  • Mobile commerce
  • trading alerts
  • Trading activities
  • Price tables
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • robots for advanced trading
  • Cloud MQL5 network
  • Virtual hosting for round-the-clock use
  • Community MQL5

How Does MT5 Trading Work?

By following these straightforward steps, anyone can begin trading on the MT5 platform:

Recognize the Platform:

Numerous cutting-edge tools are included with MetaTrader 5 and are all designed to help you become a better trader.

Understanding all of the features is essential before beginning. If you take the time to familiarise yourself with all of the capabilities that are offered by this simple platform, MT5, you will be able to make the most of it.

Install and Download MT5:

The MT5 platform needs to be downloaded and installed next. You may then download it from the Play Store or the App Store.

Please read to the system requirements listed above before downloading this platform.

Put in an order:

You can make a trade order after logging into your trading account. After that, you can place your trade by following the platform’s on-screen instructions.

who ought to utilise MetaTrader 5?

High-volume and experienced traders should use the sophisticated and cutting-edge MT5 trading platform.

The sophisticated capabilities of this trading platform, including algorithmic trading and robots, are best utilised by seasoned traders.

MT5 is the ideal option for traders who seek a quick, strong, dependable, and powerful trading platform.

However, because to its high learning curve, novice traders may find it challenging to use this cutting-edge trading platform.

The platform’s user interface might not be appropriate for beginners because it resembles an Excel spreadsheet.

the conclusion

After reading this thorough review of MetaTrader 5, we can only conclude that it is a solid option for seasoned traders looking for a multi-asset platform and access to cutting-edge trading tools.

You can switch to the MT4 platform, though, if you’re a newbie or looking for a less complicated trading platform. The platform is not as advanced as MT5.

So, you can now put your trust in InvestBy if you’re seeking for a broker who offers the MT4 platform.


Can I Trust MetaTrader 5?

The most dependable and well-known trading platform is MetaTrader 5. It was developed by MetaQuotes, one of the most well-known brands in the industry.

How Do I Begin Using MetaTrader 5?

You must first download MetaTrader 5 to your Mac or Windows computer before using it. As an alternative, you can use your web browser to access the platform.

After that, you’ll need to make a new account. Once you have your login details, sign in to make deposits, do price analysis, and execute trades.

Is MetaTrader 5 a free download?

Yes, traders can use MetaTrader 5 for free. Brokers must, however, pay both a one-time cost and a monthly fee; it is not free for them. Read our comprehensive MetaTrader 5 Review from above for additional details.

On MT5, can I trade CFDs?

CFD trading is possible on this platform, yes. CFDs, however, are a sophisticated instrument that carry a great risk of severe financial loss. When trading CFDs, the majority of new retail investor accounts are negative.

Does MetaTrader 5 Work Well for Forex?

MT5 is a fantastic and easy-to-use platform for FX traders, yes. Read our comprehensive MetaTrader 5 Review from above for additional details.

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