Make Money As a Student in South Africa

If you have the time, energy and willingness to make money as a student in South Africa, there are a number of options open to you. The most obvious of these is going to be the obvious methods of selling goods such as selling coffee or tea on the streets. However, there are many more opportunities than this. As the economic boom continues in South Africa, there will be a greater demand for money which people can earn and spend, meaning that many students who have spent their academic years at University will find themselves in need of something to do once the money has dried up. The obvious answer is to take up a job, but what should you consider when deciding how to make money as a student in South Africa?

The best way to make money as a student in South Africa is obviously to work in one of the many professional markets – the finance industry, banking, insurance, real estate sales and marketing etc. However, one thing that is important to note is the fact that these jobs come at a cost, and many students are put off by the amount of paperwork that they must fill in and the hours spent on cold calling companies that would otherwise be suitable. An alternative to this is to use one’s knowledge and skills as a teacher or researcher. This can be especially rewarding if you have a passion for a particular subject and you can demonstrate this using your teaching skills. In some cases, this may be enough to generate enough money to live on for a while, but it will depend largely on the type of education you have undertaken.

Alternatively, there are other ways to make money as a student in South Africa – including the option of starting your own business. It is likely that you will be studying computer science or some other technology related field, so there will be a good supply of jobs in this sector. Again, many people go into this field without the necessary experience to get a job, and are disappointed when they are not offered a position after graduating. However, if you have the right attitude and the backing of some contacts, you should be able to successfully launch your own business.

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