How to start a towing company in Egypt

Learn how to start a towing company in Africa. car owners need the aid of towing companies to transport to the repair shop when their car has broken down and often provide rescue services when they are stranded on the side of the road.

Here are some of the details you will need to start a towing company, based in Africa.

How to start a towing company in Africa

  1. Buy a tow truck in Africa – You will not operate a towing business without providing tow trucks to tow vehicles. This is the truck that will pull away from the cars in your driveway. Trucks can be very costly. Unless you have at least R150 000 to hire one in South Africa, you probably won't be able to have trouble with your car.
  2. Get a towing license – You will be allowed to register a private tow company with the CIPC, registering a private company costs R150 in South Africa. There are other licenses you will have to obtain, including a driver's license and other licenses that are required for the towing industry (see the Gauteng Provincial Road Traffic Act) (No.10 of 1997).
  3. Get insurance for your towing company – You will have to cover the towing business, there are a lot of problems that might arise for these clients, but it is a part of our job to make sure their car gets towed. If you are doing this you should not be doing this, as it will cause your business to go bankrupt.
  4. You need a big yard or storage – Eventually, you are going to be forced to tow illegally parked vehicles or to just remove vehicles from the accident scene and place them somewhere safe. There's no denying it. When you are searching for a place to put your car for storage, you will need a yard for parking it. You will get money from this because you will owe them a storage fee per night.


Your primary target market is said to be those people trapped in their own cars in emergency situations, or companies trying to tow illegally parked vehicles. People don't just search out towing companies when they need them.

Your marketing plan should be oriented towards your being noticed by the sort of customers who are searching for a service such as a towing company. Build a professional website to reflect the company's image, most people use Google to search for “towing companies near me” when they want to get quotes from towing companies. This will result in them getting to learn about your services through a well-built website. You can get a website designed for just $200 from me.

This piece of literature is about how to start a towing business in Africa. If you have any more questions or thoughts? Please comment below.


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