How to start a Pig farming business in Sierra Leone

Here is everything you need to know to start your own Pig farming business inAfrica. Are you interested in learning everything about pig farming in Africa? This article will give you an overview of what pig farming is. You’ve come to the right spot. 

What is Pig farming in Africa?

Pig farming in Africa is the method of breeding and raising pigs as animals, but their skins and fat can also be used for clothes, cosmetics and medicinal use, pigs are primarily farmed for food (pork, bacon).

Why do Africans farm Pigs?

Pig farms in Africa are mainly built for profit, like other types of farming, but why is pig farming profitable in Africa? Pork is the world’s most commonly eaten meat, with China being the largest producer and importer of pork. Every year, there are over a billion pigs slaughtered, which makes this a reasonably free market. Pigs have a very high-profit potential because of the time they take from being a weaner to a fully grown pig that is ready to be butchered and sold off, even more than other forms of animal farming. In contrast to other species, pigs can easily convert feed into body weight (flesh/meat) and produce a lot of meat when slaughtered, pigs can produce up to 70 per cent meat while cattle and sheep produce between 50-55 per cent. There is a steady increase in the consumption of pork products.

How does Pig farming work in Africa?

In Africa, it is possible to farm pigs either by intensive commercial units, free-range enterprises or comprehensive agriculture. The growth cycle is about 5-6 months for a pig to go from a piglet to a fully grown pig, which is a relatively short period of time. Pigs feed on almost everything, including all sorts of scraps and leftovers, but you can buy pig feed that consists mainly of maize, wheat and sorghum. All you need to do is give your pig the right feed, water and proper living conditions and it will be ready in no time, particularly while the pig is still younger, you will face sickness-related challenges. Even though they have a lifetime of about 10-12 years, pigs can be butchered as soon as they are 5-6 months old. Market pigs weigh between 200-280 pounds, while market pigs sell about $2-$4 a pound, while the average is about $3.50 a pound, while the average weight is about 265. In a market sense, pig agriculture is very profitable in Africa.

Pig farming in Africa growth scale

How quickly do you plan to develop in the next few years if you were to start a pig farm today? Well, there’s no definitive response and a lot of variables have to be weighed, but you can see exponential growth if you do most things correctly. A well-fed sow can produce about a litter (10 pigs) to more than 2 litters, the period of pregnancy in pigs is around 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days, one way to do this is through reproduction. These are incredible numbers and will create a massive growth scale for farmers, which means that each year the growth can increase by more than 10x, which is one of the driving factors why individuals want to start a piggery. This industry has a lot of success stories.

Pig farming Barrier to entry in Africa

The barrier to entry into pig farming is very low in Africa, so low that you don’t need a lot of costly equipment and machinery to start even rural people with small incomes, but there are some challenges to pig farming in Africa.


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