How to start a loan business in Mali

Learn how to start a loan business in Africa in your country. In the current economy, people need loans. But, our economy is a debt-based economy and people are still searching for financial injections. In this guide for micro-lending borrowers, we are going to look at different forms of microlending, discussion of personal finances and how to develop a profitable microlending business. Microlending is the lending of money to individuals who do not get approved for larger loans by other federal guidance agencies.

Microlenders normally lend small sums of money for a short-term need, or to an individual who needs to quickly get out of a tight spot. In order to secure a loan, the loan seeker doesn't have to meet any qualifications if they already own the house.

Here is the information you will need to start your loan business in any African country.

How to start a loan business in Africa in your country

  1. Loan operating premises – Which is done with a business such as Micro Lending, all that is required is a desk and an internet connection. Even without office lines or meeting rooms, you can consider your personal home or a space that is dedicated in which you gather with clients.
  2. Loan business legalities – Before running your services, you must have a license to operate them, or you might be in serious legal trouble. Some of the licenses also enable the credit providers to register their company under the CBEC. You will have to register with the CIPC when you start running your company, this is only R175 in South Africa.
  3. Loan business employees – Until you have a few microloans under your belt, you don't need to hire a full-time employee. Anyone with knowledge in accounting and a background in administration will be all you would need.
  4. How much should you charge for interest? – Interest rates such as 10% and 20% rate vary from place to place which provides you to charge between 10% and 50%. The fair percentage to charge will be up to 35%, something more than that is possibly a little bit too high.


In order to get more people to know about your company, you will need to market it properly. First things first, a website will be required for showing all details, information including the terms of your loan and interest rates. You can get a website like CodeRunner for $150 and other forms of net marketing tactics include running paid advertising on websites like Twitter and Google.

This is a guide with a variety of steps to starting a loan company in Africa. If you have any more questions or thoughts? Please comment below.

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