How To Start A Business In Zambia

Learn How To Start A Business In Zambia

Early lessons for a first-time entrepreneur in Zambia

I always didn’t take the right path to be fair and took about 10 years to see any work fruits. After 2005, for ten years, I have slogged to provide customers with graphic design work, just to offer me a job.

All I did was the worst of all. I didn’t stop wondering where that would lead me in the future, or how I could do more than just gain money and food.

I want to share important lessons with you if you want to go down the corporate route:

Know your purpose in Zambia

All changed … the worse … when my child was born in 2013. Immediately, I have to avoid working for clients so that every 2 hours I can feed my son. I used to get up to brush my teeth, have a cup of coffee, open my laptop and dive into customer work. This alternative is no longer feasible.

It was difficult to get through that time, because I didn’t have the habits to create anything for another human. In retrospect I was able to leave the company of my client job for the times when I had to feed my baby and think about how to improve my life.

I started to wonder, “Why do I want to pursue clients, work on projects but I don’t pay for my absence? Isn’t finding a career better.

The same answers me get every day to ask myself those questions, and that kept me going: personal reason: always trying to make me a stronger and better person, so that I can support others and have an impact.

Reason for lifestyle: I want to work and play whenever I want. I know that my passion for liberty is burning.
Business reason: I want to create an asset which, without me, can be sold in a box like a commodity.

Family reason: without the need to seek permission and without keeping up any customers I want to be there for my kids.

Be clear why you first want to start a business. Don’t start a business because you see other people who are safe, looking great, earning millions. I know the sky is the limit, and I know you can, but in special situations we are still living and breathing.

I will recommend that anyone who wishes to start their first company takes as much time to find a quiet place as they can to figure out why before jumping. Every day, challenging your objective will lead you to a reaction that is intended for you.

Surround yourself with those who get it and positive people in Zambia

It is a solo undertaking. If people around me have seen me “jobless” or work at home, they still believe me wasting my life. You’d say they’re concerned about me and want the best for me, so they want to give me a decent career advice, a stable salary, and learn to retire with enough cash to get through when I’m 65.

They didn’t realize what I wanted to do when I asked them my plans. You thought that I was unwilling and greedy to work for myself alone. Nobody gets that. Nobody gets it. Somehow people, including your closest family members do not get you around.

Yeah, you just show your interest, and you really care about it. There is no error in finding a job too. Yet don’t count on your cooperation and encouragement because they may not come in your life. Always seek to justify what you are doing, because only if you have explained it will you be able to accomplish your goals. Therefore, it is the only way.

“It’s like a chicken talking to a duck,” the saying says. You know how hard it is for both of you not to understand each other. Don’t get lost in these interactions psychologically and emotionally. When you have realized your intent within, as above, you have to commit yourself to action.

How have I done? What have I done? I started by membership in groups built for people with common ambitions to my own, for instance 7-Day Startup, BHive, Cubicle Crashers Academy, Boss Moms. So it took me a while to introduce myself and express my feelings, I am not a social butterfly.

I am not always super involved, but it’s all the best thing that everybody speaks the same “language” in those classes! Nobody tells me to go to a job with a steady income, people challenge me to move my business, to make an impact, to follow my dreams. There are all with whom I want to blend.

If you do, start by searching the web with keywords relevant to your business objectives. The first community in which I came was a 7-Day Startup group and I learned it while looking for the word ‘generated design service.’ Continue to search through Google or Facebook by using different words. When you have formed a group, start talking and communicate with them for a long time.

Start a community first in Zambia

There is no issue of setting up a group per se on Facebook. It’s also not about creating an audience with the intention of selling something to them, while at the end of the day it may be beneficial to them. It’s all about building a place where like-minded people can just hang out, help each other solve common obstacles before they come up with anything to offer.

If you’ve heard of people starting companies just for crickets, it was one of the easiest ways to solve this problem to create a company. Conversations will take place with them at the same venue and that is where you will be able to hear from and want their challenges. There are people willing to buy when it is time to sell.

A community of 100,000 people does not have to be formed right outside the entrance. You just need to encourage a small group of people to share what they feel about a issue. Also, a whole new community does not have to start. Yes, within a group of five individuals, you can create a microcommunity.

Houzz was not born because of the psychic creators who thought it would succeed. Adi Tatarko, the co-founder, didn’t want to be a businessman anyway. They only restructured their home to frustrate the process. We didn’t start their company immediately but asked other parents at the school for their children about their own experiences before we started as a side-project.

We all have all sorts of problems in a day, I’m sure. For 20 years, my friend learns a lot about fixing bikes and cars. He found that many of his friends don’t know what mechanics do behind the stage as they routinely send their cars to inspection. Some of them began to explore ways to operate their automobiles on their own, including asking my friend for assistance.

This is when he started his small group of people who regularly try mechanical assistance. That’s when he developed a “mechanic bar” Facebook community for all, which posted questions and answers. He now has a side project which certifies people who want to know more.

Rob Walling, Drip ceo, did not first develop his email marketing program. Instead, he ensured that he was in touch, first by asking for permission to send his email address to anyone interested in his idea. By the time, people hadn’t done it, it was just an idea.

During the course of that, he was also able to check small bits of his program from his friends. It has impacted them and helped him to realize which place to develop before taking up too much time and money to build something that nobody cares about.

The aim is to ensure that you produce something for which customers are happy to pay you and have a point of contact to tell them when it is available for sale.

Now the fun part! Go do it. Know all three steps: Join your intent within the group first, dedicate yourself consistently and remain consistent with those who get it.

You can do that! You can do that!

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