How To Promote ClickBank Products Using Vidnami + YouTube (STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL)

Learn How To Promote Clickbank Products Using Vidnami + Youtube (STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL). When it comes to trying to start making money online it can be confusing. So, I made this comprehensive step by step tutorial on how to promote Clickbank products using vidnami and youtube showing you how you can start making passive money online with only 1-2 hours of work!

Yes, its possible! You can make upwards of $200 a day with zero money to start. Yes, it will take some time but you WILL earn money online if you stick with this method I show you in today’s video. If you want to know how to make money then I’m about to show you how easy it is for free.

In this FULL STEP BY STEP tutorial, I will be covering all of the steps you need to do to promote a Clickbank product successfully on Youtube. It involves choosing the right product to promote, using Clickfunnels to design a landing page, setting up your autoresponder with Getresponse, setting up your facebook pixel, finding an article that is congruent with your product, making a video with vidnami, and lastly creating your new Youtube Channel and getting your video uploaded with the right SEO. I know its long but stick around as it has tons of nuggets that you will certainly use in the near future as you build your online business.

Making money from a computer on the internet requires two basic things: a product and some traffic, This video just showed you exactly how you can do it with zero start up costs and a simple website. Remember the key to being successful is to stay consistent and take action every day! I’m looking forward to hearing how you all are doing in the comment section below. Vidnami makes this simple and you don’t have to show your face on camera!

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