How to open a Bank Account in Zambia Online

Learn How to Open a Bank Account in Zambia Online with this full guide. With the advancement of technology in Zambia, it has never been easier to open a Zambian bank account online within 30 minutes. But guess what? it is now possible to open a bank account online in Zambia within 30 minutes.

Which banks allow users to open bank accounts online in Zambia?

Only standard chartered bank Zambia can allow you to open a bank account online in Zambia. For me, it took just 15 minutes because I had everything in place and my Gold Visa card was delivered at my place within a week. Is that not amazing? besides, I also never paid anything and the account is also free, it has no monthly fees. I know this might sound fake but it is true, try for yourself. This is the best bank I know and how I wish I would work with them if I had the required qualifications, but nevertheless, can still promote it here.

Requirements to open a bank account online in Zambia

  • You must be 18 years old and above
  • For a Zambian, you must possess a national registration card.
  • You must also have a TPIN ( Taxi payer identification number in Zambia)
  • You must have any proof of residence document like a bill of electricity.
  • You must have an Android or iPhone smartphone to open a bank account online in Zambia.

How to open a bank account online in Zambia

  • Install the SC Zambia app from Google play store or app store for iphone users.
  • The app is easier to use, just do what you are asked. 
  • If you ever get stuck, just call the toll free line anytime for assistance at 5247.
  • Once you are done, wait for 48hours and your account will be opened and you will receive some calls regarding your account.
  • And lastly wait for a week, depending on your location, your visa card will be delivered to you and remember to carry your NRC and your phone to complete the registration.

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  1. Thank you! But what if you want to open an account for the first time, like you do not have tpin can my account be openned??.


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