How to Make Money Online in South Africa Through YouTube

YouTube is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online and it’s growing bigger every single day. The reason why YouTube has become so popular is because it’s free and you can upload as many videos as you want and they are completely searchable online. All you need is a bit of computer know-how, good quality video camera and an Internet connection and you could have your own business going in no time. South Africa has hundreds of thousands of people watching YouTube every minute of the day and that is huge potential if you know how to make money online in South Africa.

Now the big question is how do you go about uploading videos online. The first thing you need to realise is that YouTube is not like ordinary video websites where you would upload your homemade clip and expect people to flock to view it. With YouTube you need to have good content to be able to rank high on the search engine result pages and this is where your potential customers will come in. There are several ways of increasing the popularity of your videos but the best one is to get a video published on a high traffic video sharing website such as Google Video.

Google Video is one of the biggest online video sharing websites and as a result it has millions of visitors every single day. If your video is of good quality it will definitely rank well on Google and this is the main route how to make money online in South Africa. If you have lots of well thought out content that makes you look like a professional you’ll have lots of viewers watching your videos. Once you’re popular you’ll be making loads of money from adverts or commissions for your website and that is how to make money online in South Africa.

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