How To Make Money At 14 In South Africa

The author examines how to make money at 14 in south Africa. The author starts of as a backpacker on the Serengeti in Tanzania, where he camped for six weeks and was lucky to not have his legs cut by the lions while hiking. After getting back to South Africa, he started a business on the beach at Mossel Bay earning a couple of hundred dollars each week and then decided to move onto bigger and better things when he got back from South Africa.

What else happened while he was on holiday? He decided to try goat farming, and in a short period of time had raised 10 goats. Next on his agenda was to go into game hunting but this wasn’t so easy as he thought, as it required a license to hunt, and in that time he had no success. But he soon decided to give up this hobby, because it was taking up too much of his time and being a hunter meant the rent, which he didn’t have.

So how to make money at 14 in south Africa? The author has a friend who runs a coffee business on the beach. What’s great about this story is that the author is earning good money from this business, and this all took off when he was just 21 years old. He now has four vans full of supplies, which he sells to the tourists who come to him. So, although he has a modest income, it is enough to send his family on vacation, and even buy them some nice clothes.
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