Free Internet For Orange In Botswana 2020

Learn this Free Internet For Orange In Botswana 2020

Another freely accessible free trick on the internet as usual, except in another way this time. If you note the subject you can see that I have added the word “dump” to it because I have not sorted those free Internet settings I’m going to drop on this post like I have with other settings.

I was pretty busy and thus did not have time to work out the optimal speed settings. All you need is for the configuration of the dump to be downloaded and checked to see which one gives you the fastest speed.

This free internet trick works for Mascom and Orange Botswana Simcard users of XP Psiphon VPNs for Android and PC. To enjoy this trick, please follow the procedures below.

Note: I recommend that you use both XP Psiphon V5 and V7 versions, as I know what version I used for these settings.

Requirements for Orange free internet:

1. Your  Orange or Macom Botswana  Simcard
2. An Android device or PC
3. You simcard shouldn’t have any data or credit balance so as to prove that this trick works
4. XP Psiphon (Try both V5 and V7)
5. The free configuration files

Procedures to set up Orange free internet:

1. First click here to download XP Psiphon V5 for android, download V7 here
2.Click here to download our  free internet configuration
3. Install the app and then open it
4. Click on the left top icon to reveal a list of selection
5. Now scroll down and select “import configuration” 
6. From your downloaded items, search for the configuration that you downloaded and then click on it to upload. 
7. When you are done uploading, then click on connect to start enjoying free unlimited internet!

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