Content Gorilla Review With Exclusive High-Quality Bonuses

Content Gorilla Review With Exclusive High-Quality Bonuses. What is Content Gorilla?.
Content Gorilla is going to allow you to curate content in a very unique way. If you’ve started a blog recently or you’re finding it difficult to produce content regularly due to time constraints or lack of preparation time, Content Gorilla might be for you.

Generally, curating content can be risky businesses. Google doesn’t like reused content. You can’t just simply copy and paste someone else’s blog post onto your site and expect to not be penalized.

Content Gorilla finds a work around by pulling the content, not from other blogs, but from YouTube.

Essentially, it pulls the CC files from YouTube and turns it into a written blog post on any wordpress site. It’s essentially a speech to text curator, making it completely undetectable by Googles (plagiarism police) algorithm.

If you’re in the market for a content curator or producer for your WordPress site or blog, Content Gorilla is a safe option. Because it is pulling CC content from YouTube, you don’t need to worry about being pinged.

It’s a very smart, and unique way to curate content, and credit is due for the creators.

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