Content Gorilla 2.0 Review Honest Not Good Enough Proof Real Demo ????

Content Gorilla 2.0 Review Honest Not Good Enough Proof Real Demo ????. This is my Easy 3 step ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? Content Gorilla 2.0 from the vendor Neil Napier. In this review we’ll look at the sales page, I’ll take you in and show you the software in a short demo, and I’ll conclude with my recommendation and why.

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Content Gorilla 2.0 is an online software that makes it easy to create blog posts from YouTube Videos!

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It says it’s for anyone who wants to create blog posts that feature youtube videos, but be very careful with some of the tactics that it seems to encourage users to employ

0:00 Sales Pg walkthrough
5:53 Demo Starts
6:08 Users Have to get their own Youtube API Key for the App to work
6:33 Possible Formatting issues
6:59 Users have to install a WP plugin for this to work on website
7:43 Real Demo Creating a blog post from a Youtube video
15:03 Look at some real posts generated using the tool
17:56 Article Rewriter tool test
19:21 How to get transcripts for FREE from a Youtube video Without this APP
20:02 Things to keep in mind.

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– i felt like the sales page wanted me to believe i should use blogging to mmo, but that i should use their solution to do it in order to save time and money and use other people’s content from the video transcripts.
– i can see it’d be ok for your own content, just be careful here…
– using other people’s content doesn’t sound ethical to me if you’re being encouraged to just take it, (isn’t that plagerizing?) and then spin it…
– spinning text might make it no longer someone ele’s but it almost always generates text that you would not want to give to anyone either.
– they make me think i can use their product and create blog posts in a super short amount of time, like 10 minutes!

– watch the video! 🙂

Honest things to consider
– you’ll need to see if the Content Gorilla WP plugin will work on your website if you want it to post to it, some host providers may not want it, so be sure to check if you can whitelist it if you get the product
– you’ll need to set up your YouTube API key from google in order to use the YouTube Video Transcriptions grabbing functionalities of the app.
– a 60 second blog post using this product is probably Not something i’d want to post in any blog.
– plan on a lot more than 60 seconds after all the reformatting…
– blogs are ultimately a way to build trust, authority and provide good information to people looking for it.
– this is a very creative tool and i can see how it could be useful, but i don’t think it really creates the quality of a post i’d want to put on my website

On a scale of 1 to 10
– i give Content Gorilla 2.0 a 3

I hope this has been some help, ????

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