I receive a lot of messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Emails. I try my best to reply to all on time but sometimes, some messages remain un replied and some conversations remain unfinished because the more I receive new messages, the old messages get pushed down.

This is the reason why I have decided to have a only one central place to receive messages from and manage them better. If you have questions regarding my posts or videos on YouTube, I encourage you to comment on them because I read and reply to all comments at my own time so that others can learn from your comments too. Use the chat below for quick support only. If you need a service from me that requires you paying me, then go on and contact me on WhatsApp. +260977770202.

To chat with me, simply click on the icon below and enter your names, email, phone number and tick those boxes and will reply you instantly if am online. If am offline, I will get back to you when am online. Make sure that your email entered is correct so that you receive my reply. You can as well visit this same page at any time any day and you will still find the conversation and continue.

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