Social media tasks

This page has social media tasks. Unliking, unfollowing and unsubscribing after points have been given will lead to Zeddyhub account ban without notice. You are required to perform the tasks and get screenshots and send them here on this page. Task 1 Subscribe to my Youtube channel Task 2 Like my Facebook page and follow … Read more Social media tasks

Video tasks

These tasks below require to stand in front of the camera and record yourself talking about the given task. You are required to make a video and upload on your YouTube channel and share the video with others and make it gain 50+ views. Deletion of videos after points have been given will lead to … Read more Video tasks

Writing Tasks

Please choose any task below and write it down below. Task 1. In your own words, write an article about how Zeddyhub works in Zambia. The article should be between 200 and 400 words. Please include: How you found ZeddyHub How to register how to perform traffic exchange tasks how to perform video views exchange … Read more Writing Tasks