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is also known as Catalyst Energy real, paying or a scam?. Catalyst Energy, it’s domain or website was created on 2021-07-23. It is still new. As for me, I usually advise people to join these platforms in the first month when they are launched and making sure you withdraw your invested money together with your profits within the first two months because, in the third and fourth, these type of websites disappear with your money. Don’t borrow money to invest and only invest a small amount of which even if you lost it, you would not stress or commit suicide.

How does – Catalyst Energy work?

With Catalyst Energy, you earn 5% everyday, 300% contract. You cannot withdraw the money you have deposited but you can withdraw the profits generated at any time. The minimum amount you can withdraw is K4. – Catalyst Energy Payment methods

This website seems to be targeting African countries. If you are from Zambia, it is possible to deposit and withdraw via mobile money.

How does – Catalyst Energy work?

Who is the owner of – Catalyst Energy?

Unfortunately, the owners or the people behind the website are unknown. The website has a lot of broken links. It does not have a privacy policy and the terms and conditions page. On their website, there is no information about who are they and where are they located and the only way to contact them is by email. This makes it impossible to know who they are and as such, if you have invested or planning to invest, be ready to lose the money at any time or don’t invest at all. Most of these type of websites are mainly run by Nigerians and they do contact people from other countries to act as agents or leaders. Try to contact the payment numbers displayed if you would really want to know who they are. But mainly most of them use USA numbers. As at now, it is easy and free to get a USA number from anywhere. So ask to video chat to see if really they are Americans and sound american. Feel free to comment your findings below.

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Since this platform is new, even if I know that it will soon disappear, I have decided to deposit a K450 of which am willing to lose. Since 2018, I never invest in these type of platforms because I call the scams. But one thing I have learnt is that, everything is risky, it’s just that some other risky things pay more. Before the other platforms like golike and etesco, people made thousands and even millions while am watching calling the platforms scams. Yes they are but, you just have to be smart, invest early and leave early and don’t recruit people later who join when it is too late and when the platform disappears, they are the ones who suffer when you alone you have made profits. It is not fair.

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K450 deposited

Why have I started with a K450 and not a K100? well to be honest, am not willing to lose a k450, I would rather invest a K100. Then why did I invest a k450? well, the good part of this website is that, they do accept paypal payments. I had money in my paypal of which I got paid since it is not possible to withdraw from paypal in Zambia. So the funds were just seated in my PayPal account. So I decided to invest them all just. Join here – Catalyst Energy Payment proof

Since with this platform you earn 5% everyday and the minimum amount you can withdraw is K5, I tried withdrawing a K10 today (July 29th 2021) and in within 2 hours. It reached from the number below. Finally I can get kwacha from my PayPal funds which were stuck since PayPal does not work in Zambia.

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Payment proof


The main purpose of this blog is to teach and inform people by being neutral. I the writer or reviewer of the platform above will not be held responsible for your loss and this is not a paid promotion. I have created an account and invested some money am willing to lose to see if it will work for me. If you create an account through my link, I might earn some referral bonus which can allow me to keep on writing reviews. Someone asked me to review the website. If you would like me to review one, feel free to comment below. If you would like to make real money online without having to worry about losing money, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Search for “Keith Rainz” on YouTube.


The minimum withdraw amount has been increased from K5 to 20 according to the platform. So far so good. Withdrawals are made within 2 hours but sometimes can take more more than usual but within the same day. Keep on visiting this page for frequent updates.

Update @ 3rd August, 2021

The minimum amount you can withdraw has been increased to K100

Update @ 9th August

Since the minimum amount you can withdraw was increased to K100, it took some days to make a k100. Today was able to do that. Made a withdraw request at 13 and received at 18.

Update @ 11th August 2021

Unfortunately, when I tried to withdraw, it’s requesting me to upload my NRC for verification. Why should I upload my NRC to people I don’t know? We know nothing about the owners and why trust them with our NRCs?, Well, as for me I will not upload mine, I knew the risks and I already got the money I deposited (about 70%) since I joined early I guess.

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Update @ 12th August 2021

The platforms looks like it is about to run away, these are the signs. But I was not expecting it to leave so soon because I think it’s not yet a month old. Most platforms disappear after 3 months. Keep checking this page everyday for new updates. If you would like me to review a website, feel free to comment below.

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