Boom and Crash Signals Week 1’s Performance

Here is the full report of week 1 of the performance of my signals of Boom and Crash. The signals started on the 26th of October. Today is the 2nd of November.
On Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t give any signals and mostly I will not be giving signals on these days. So to make it fairer, the subscription has been changed from being a 4-week subscription to a 5-week subscription to compensate for these other days.

Since on Saturday and Sunday I did not offer signals, the statistics below are for 5 days.

I only trade for a few hours from 6 to 11 with 4 to 12 signals in four hours both catching single and multiple spikes.

Boom and Crash Signals Week 1’s Performance


Why Have I not shown screenshots of money made, losses and profits?

Well, we all have different account sizes and we all use different lot sizes, different risk management strategies, and (Near-different time entry and exit points.

So because of those factors above, how much money am making or losing, cannot be the same as for the others. I may make more and I may make less and I may lose more or lose less. These statistics mislead people. For some people like me, I may enter multiple trades on 1 signal and make more or lose more money as compared to others who may only enter 1 trade. using this strategy.

How to join my premium signals channel

My signals come with a 7days money back-guarantee, meaning, within 7 days, you can request for a refund, and will surely give you back your money as I have given the others. And you don’t have to worry about blowing your account, losses are there but they are minimal and can be recovered on the following day.

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